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Mar 18, 2013 09:52 AM

Stuffed Italian Loaf

Long time ago when my brother was home from Purdue, he took a (par-baked) Italian loaf, slit it lengthwise, scooped out the innards, mixed some of it with (cooked)ground beef, (veggies and seasoning), put it back in the loaf, tied it up and baked it. Any ideas, on the origin,ect..... Thanks

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  1. Do you mean loaf of bread?
    Or a meatloaf...

    My aunt makes "Sicilian loaf" which is a meatloaf rolled with hams and cheeses before baking.

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    1. The following website might a source. It is similar,but without the necessity of tying.

      1. "Traditionally made at Easter, Casatiello Napoletano is rustic and savoury. When made any other time of year, it goes by the appellation Tortano, which doesn’t have boiled eggs on the ingredients list, unlike CN. So I’ve gone for CN, even if its not Easter. Thinking of which, does it really matter?"

        This is a quote from the Food52 blog. It sounds like a traditional stuffed bread to me, but I don't see why you couldn't use a filling of your own. In fact I've seen it made with Italian cold cuts and cheeses. Frankly it rather reminds me of a calzone.

        Your brother probably made an easier version of the same thing... Of course I'm just guessing here but. the recipe could be a start for you...

        1. On the sandwich episode of Julia & Jacques, he stuffed a batard with a wine-sauced seafood mixture before, IIRC, wrapping it in aluminum foil and baking. It was later cut into slices for serving.

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            You do recall correctly, Grey. I've seen that particular episode too... And, here's a CH topic on that very program.