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Mar 18, 2013 08:38 AM

Early Breakfast Near Central Park South (Marriott Essex House)?

Any recommendations for an early breakfast (either sit-down, or grab-n-go) near Central Park South? A quick work trip to the Marriott Essex House (Central Park South, between 6th and 7th) won't leave much room for chowhound exploring, but I'm on my own for breakfast before we start a day of meetings at the hotel at 8:00am.

I considered Sullivan Street Bakery, but they don't open until 7:30am, which is cutting it too close to my meeting start time. I fear that I may have limited options, but thought the NYC chowhounds might be able to come to my rescue. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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  1. Fika at 41 W. 58th opens at 7am. You can take out or eat in - it's small, so it might be too crowded to sit. I've only been there for lunch (very good shrimp salad sandwich), but I know they at least have coffee and pastry. The menu is not online, annoyingly.

    1. Le Pain Quotidien, corner of 7th av and 58th opens at 7 has plenty of pleasant seating as well as takeout I also see a recommendation on Menupages for A Cafe on 58th betw 5th and 6th, and they also open at 7.

      1. Epicerie Boulud at 64th and Broadway also opens at 7:00, I like what I've eaten there better than Fika or LPQ. Have not had morning items at A cafe to compare.

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          Epicerie Boulod has excellent baked good. It would have to be a quck breakfast to get back to Essex House at 8, but that's workable with this sort of place.

        2. Rt 66 opens at 7 AM and is a short walk from your hotel.

          1. Landmarc in the Time Warner Center opens at 7.. Very good breakfast (try eggs en meurette).