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Mar 18, 2013 08:36 AM

55th birthday party for group of about 30-40, food-loving birthday boy

Hi all,

Am trying to plan a surprise party of my food-loving boyfriend, for mid-June, and am looking for either a very cool/interesting venue with fabulous food and/or some sort of a food-related activity we could plan the evening around. (I've heard of events in NYC/NJ, where it's sort of a cooking class, with guests preparing different parts of the menu, and then sitting down for the meal, but not sure if there's anything like that in Philly.)

Would also consider some sort of farm-to-table (ala "Outstanding in the Field") type dinner - we don't have to be in downtown Philly, he actually lives in Jenkintown area. I would just love to be able to do something a little out of the ordinary. He's never been thrown a birthday party, so I'd like to make it special.

thanks in advance!!

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  1. The closest thing I can think of is Cook.. the venue/classroom from Audrey Claire. You might contact them about what a cooking class/private event could be. Not sure of their capacity either.

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      Zahav wants to charge to me $3000 minimum (excluding tax and gratuity) because it's a Saturday night. (Same would be true for a Friday.) Given that we could end up being just under 30 pp., that's much more than I want to spend. So unfortunate, as I really think Zahav sounds perfect, and what you get for $48/pp seems like a very good deal. But having to get to $3k before tax and gratuity is just not going to work.

      My boyfriend is Jewish, his daughter spent part of her year between high school and college in Israel, and this would have been the perfect, excellent food, cool vibe, setting! So disappointing. Other suggestions welcome!

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        not totally susprising... when we were looking for a place to have a wedding reception, Amada was quite reasonable for Saturday lunch, insanely expensive Saturday dinner.

    2. With that many people, you could probably rent out an entire BYOB and ask the chef to do something special.

      1. You don't mention budget, but the side room at Zahav would hold that many folks and the Mesibah would be fun! That many folks might actually finish all the lamb!

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          Bigley - I actually emailed Zahav just a little while ago! I have not been there, but my boyfriend has, and it has been on our list to get there together. For many reasons, I think Zahav would be an excellent idea. Do you have a sense of what sort of budget I would need for the Mesibah?

          1. re: kleary2

            Per person about 48 dollars plus drinks You may have additional fees for such a large party...