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Mar 18, 2013 08:01 AM

Almond Milk for Passover?

We have just started using Almond milk instead of skim milk. Most of the brands have a heksher with dairy designation although a few brands we have found at Trader Joes and Shoppers Food Warehouse do not have the dairy designation. So here's the question. Does almond milk need to be certified Kosher for Passover? If so, where can I get some (Washington, DC area)? If not, can I use the brand not certified as dairy for coffee after a meat meal? Thanks for your help and hag sameach.

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  1. Yes, I am pretty sure it should, since it is not merely almonds and water but also some sweetener (usually) and filler.

      1. re: lazercal

        i got all excited when i saw there was a link, but it kinda reads like a heter for people who have no other choice, vs those of us who use it as an alternative

        is that how you guys are seeing it?

        1. re: shoelace

          Yes, that's how I read it, and that makes little sense considering how many non-children and infirm are lactose intolerant, for example.

          1. re: DeisCane

            would lactose intolerant be considered infirm? i feel like it wouldnt

            1. re: shoelace

              just tweeted crc, they said point blank, unless youre someone who eats kitniyot, no almond milk

              1. re: shoelace

                Why wouldn't Lieber's K-for-P almond milk not be OK for those who avoid kitniyos?

                1. re: GilaB

                  I ran into this issue a couple years ago. The Lieber's almond milk is relatively new, and I think they don't necessarily know about it, and they are only referring to the non KLP versions of almond milk from the lists.

                  The Star-K says the following in their guide this year:

                  ALMOND MILK
                  Liebers KFP Almond Milk
                  If the above product is not readily available, the
                  following almond milk brands may be used under the
                  following conditions: 1) Original only; 2) Person is ill or
                  has dietary restrictions and 3) Ideally purchased before
                  Pesach: Shop Rite, 365 Everyday Value, Kroger, Meijer,
                  Ralphs, Trader Joe's, Winn-Dixie, Price Chopper.

                  This is the first year they mention Lieber's, although it's been around for at least two years.

                2. re: shoelace

                  That makes sense. The sweetener is probably HFCS and is therefore kitniyot.

                  1. re: shoelace

                    Could you please post exactly what they told you, without interpretation? I find it very hard to believe that they categorically ruled out all almond milk .

                    1. re: shoelace

                      Is it possible that they don't know this is a KFP brand, and are just answering regarding non-certified, year-round type almond milk?

                      1. re: queenscook

                        The claim is that they said all almond milk was no good unless you eat kitniyos. Not a specific brand. I doubt the claim.

                        1. re: zsero

                          I understand what you're saying. I think it just may be that they don't know there is a KFP brand. Even if it's not their own hechsher, I'm sure they would accept Lieber's hechsher; maybe they are just not aware of it, and think that when people ask about almond milk, they are asking about the brands people use all year, NOT Lieber's KFP stuff.

                        2. re: queenscook

                          i misstated, they said that almond milk with no additional additives (they attached a link to a list) is ok for people whoa re considered infirm, but that an allergy wouldnt be considered infirm, and that in that case, lactaid milk should just be purchased in advance of the chag

                          i didnt ask abt almond milk that is specifically labeled kfp

              2. Lieber's makes a certified kosher for Passover almond milk (plain and vanilla).

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                1. re: hbg1

                  But its just not good! Sigh, I wish almond breeze was klp.

                  1. re: pitagirl

                    How bad is it? Was planning to buy some.

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      I usually buy the refrigerated almond milk during the year, which I like better than the shelf-stable versions, since it doesn't separate in coffee, which some of the shelf-stable versions do. So I can't really compare the Lieber's to other brands. I actually don't remember specifics on how it was, I was just glad to have something other than the fake creamers to put in my coffee. For that, it was fine for me. Like a lot of things on Pesach, a so-so product is still a welcome alternative to not having it at all.

                      1. re: hbg1

                        That's just it, it separates but like you said better than the chemically whiteners.

                2. I have made my own during Pesach with soaked almonds and a blender/food processor, and then strained it. Definitely more of a pain than buying a container, but it works if needed.

                  1. I also use almond milk year round and took one look at the ingredients in the Lieber's almond milk and would not buy it. I don't remember what turned me off but seem to remember it contained cottonseed oil which I try to avoid.

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                    1. re: kosherGlutenFree

                      I got it last year without reading the ingredients. it is terrible for you and also tastes basically like sugar water. Pity -- it's a great idea for there to be one that's KFP.