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Mar 18, 2013 07:42 AM

Greenville SC - The South's Next Big Food City?

From this weeks John Mariani newsletter ~

Danna - this will probably give you a heart attack. Can't believe he went to Greenville and not Asheville.

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  1. More like choke on my yogurt. First Southern Living with their "food towns" piece that referenced a restaurant that hadn't even opened yet, and now this sad example from Esquire...yet another publication known for it's culinary savvy *eye roll*.

    I finally got around to reading the article thanks to your link. He says a number of goofy things, as well as liking lame restaurants, so it's not that surprising he can't tell the difference between G'ville and Charleston, it's just hard to figure how he got his job...

    But hey....if aspiring restauranteurs want to come here because they hear there's a food scene, maybe it will become a self-fullfiling prophecy. I think there could be a groundswell...especially among young people. The pro - food truck protest held at the brick-and-morter Owl was apparently quite well attended, and I think bodes well.

    1. well, since so many from Greenville talk longingly of dining in Asheville....
      I guess SC's options are limited. Charleston being WAAAY out in front I guess Greenville is the next good option. I do think Greenville has improved in the past few years w/ some new chefs w/ greater appreciation for local/regional foods and not just ordering from Sysco.