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Mar 18, 2013 07:26 AM

Chicagoan in NYC- Ethiopian?

I recently moved to NYC from Chicago, where I lived in a neighborhood that has a huge Ethiopian population and I just fell in love with the food. Looking for suggestions of where to go here; I live in Manhattan but Brooklyn or Queens would be fine too. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you came here from Chicago, you probably won't find anything that compares to Demera or Ras Dashen. That said, Zoma regularly gets mentioned as the best among your options in Manhattan.

      1. re: Sneakeater

        Lol, my thoughts exactly.

        I give a similar response when someone on the DC board asks for Italian: go to Union Station, take Amtrak to NYC.

      2. Wow, ok, thanks everyone. Surprising.

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          One of the few cuisines that NYC is missing.

          I also haven't found a good New Mexican place.

          1. re: plf515

            Tacos Nuevo Mexico (Park Slope location) is still the best Mexican I've had in the States and was on par with much of what I ate (admittedly briefly) in Mexico DF.

            Nixtamal in Corona (Queens) is great too.

        2. I had a very pleasant experience at Abyssinia (268 W 135th St.) a couple of weekends ago. Could not be more bare bones for decor and such, but really good food and excellent injera. I believe the Ye Siga Alicha was our favorite of the dishes we had. Or I guess you could go to DC.

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            In fact, the chef-owner of Abyssinia has retailed her injera for some years; on my last visit it was stacked on shelves toward the back of the little restaurant. She used to supply Zoma's injera, too...


            ...before instructing their staff in how to prepare it themselves.

            Dave Cook

          2. In Manhattan, Awash, Zoma, and Massawa, which is Eritrean, are worth a try.