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Mar 17, 2013 08:33 PM

Restaurant suggestions needed for whirlwind college tour (on a budget!)

We'll be in the Boston area (from Los Angeles) at the end of the week and through the middle of next week to look at some schools. I've looked through a lot of the prior threads, but I'm concerned about the price of many of the suggestions. We'll be on a budget and although we don't need to go altogether cheap, we definitely can't go for the higher end eats. We need breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions -- mostly in Boston proper. We'll be in Boston over the weekend (staying relatively close to the airport) but we certainly can and will catch the T to explore and find good restaurants, but on Monday we'll be visiting Northeastern and Boston College, on Tuesday it's off to Amherst, and on Wednesday we'll check out Babson and Brandeis. So, restaurants, particularly for lunch in those areas would be really helpful. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. We like just about anything, but are looking forward to eating some things special to Boston, like lobster rolls, or even better, lobster. We don't need Mexican, Thai or Chinese since we can get some of the best of them here in L.A.. And the kids aren't burger eaters. But everything else is game. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!

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  1. You said relatively close to the airport...are you staying at a hotel in East Boston? If so, try Rincon Limeno, Rino's and Santarpio's in East Boston for dinners.

    Between Northeastern and B.C., try Turkish Family Restaurant in Brookline Village. Also other restaurants recommended here in that section.

    If you are looking for a place in Amherst, can't help you there. You might try the So. New England board also.
    But B.T.'s Smokehouse in Sturbridge is highly recommended by many here.

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      Hi Bob: thanks so much for the suggestions. Don't know Boston well enough to know if the hotel is in East Boston, but I do know it's in Revere.

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        Close enough. You really should check out Santarpio's in East Boston

    2. Lunch near Brandeis: you have plenty of choices on Moody street in Waltham. There are several Indian restaurants with buffet lunches, a bargain for college-age appetites. You may see something else on the restaurant strip that appeals to you.

      Latino beyond Mexican, also on Moody street, Guanachapi's. Zero atmosphere, but tasty food in generous portions.

      Babson is in Wellesley. Nearby is Bertucci's, a local pizza and other Italian chain, also generous portions at reasonable prices, with lunch specials.

      None of this is high gourmet, but it's all good fuel for your mad dash.

      1. If you are staying in Revere, a unique option is Kelleys Roast beef right at the beach. They have some great fried seafood and yummy roast beef sandwiches. its a takeout stand so hopefully you'll pick a nice day for sitting on the benches at the beach.

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          I second Kelly's Roast Beef, a very Bostony thing to eat.

        2. Whenever I'm back in Wellesley (Babson), I always make sure to grab a sandwich at The Linden Store.

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            Breakfast at the old-timey Maugus (cafe, I think?) in Wellesly would be fun

          2. Hi. If you are in the East Boston area I would suggest Belle Isle Seafood. It is a very typical New England fried seafood place. Very casual with moderate prices. Many people think they have have the best lobster roll in Boston. It costs about $18.00 but contains freshly cooked meat from a 1 1/4 lb lobster. They also do very good fried clams, fried local haddock, stuffed clams and other N.E. favorites and you can get a steamed lobster too. You can also order many of their items baked or broiled too. For what its worth Belle Isle was featured on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations TV show a couple of years ago. They recently moved into a new building which has a small bar serving beer and wine and a large number of tables. Previously is was mainly a take out place.