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Mar 17, 2013 06:37 PM

Easy Peasy Carbon Steel Cleaning

Tonight I used my small CS crepe pan to reheat and crisp up some leftover pulled pork. This was the first time I've cooked something sugary-sticky in it. I wasn't the least surprised when it left a burned-on mess in the bottom of the pan. I scraped it a bit with my spatula, to little effect. I have an aversion to warping hot pans by running water over them, but recalled recommendations to deglaze it. I've been doing it for years to clean my SS pans, it works wonders, and so it was with this pan.

I left the pan on the burner, poured some unheated tap water in it, ran my spatula around the bottom and it was squeaky clean. I dumped the water, gave it a quick wipe with a paper towel, back on the still hot burner to dry, a swipe of oil and it was ready to go again. Like I said, easy peasy.

Thanks again to the 'hounds whose reviews of carbon steel convinced me to buy some. You're right, they're as easy to clean as stainless. I'm a complete convert!

If anyone reading this is still on the fence, not sure about carbon steel, just buy some. You won't regret it. :)

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  1. Yep, yep. :)

    There are two ways to do it. One is to pour water into the pan and heat it up to dissolve/loosen the sticky food residue. The other is to run hot water through the water -- if you have a kichen faucet which can produce steaming hot water fast.

    I almost always use the former approach because the latter option is not avaliable to me.

    Thanks for the update.

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      I can't see running a gallon of water or more just to get a cup of hot, so I do as you do.

      I really must get busy and order a fry pan. While the crepe pan did get the job done, I had to turn the meat carefully to avoid throwing it all over my cooktop. :0)