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Mar 17, 2013 06:03 PM

Istanbul in april (seasonal dishes / fermentation / neighbourhoods)

I´m visiting Istanbul together with a friend from the 5th to 15th of April.

We have no special reason to go there, and no real plans except for strolling around and eating well.

Now, I really don´t want to plan too much, but I´d be really interested on what food / fish / whatever will be seasonal at that time of the year. Especially because we rented a flat with a kitchen for the purpose of doing some cooking of our own, with the (we hope) great exceptional ingredients form the Markets.

We rented an apartment in Beyoglu is there a specific market in that area anyone could suggest?

Is there one seafood market (wherever) we should visit?

Also, I´ve been interested in fermentation for some time now, and would be interested in local fermented food (like Şalgam)

I´m just in the process of reading my way through the istanbul eats blog, so I think I´m good when it comes to restaurant suggestions.

thanks so much, best,

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  1. Tobias,

    The Sunday market in Tarlabasi is a good place to stock up on staples though there's little to distinguish this market from corner greengrocers other than the low prices and the colorful atmosphere. You'll definitely want to hit the Inebolu market down in Dolapdere on Suday morning (go as early in the morning as possible) for more interesting and unusual products from the village. We've written about it (on Istanbul Eats) as has Eating Asia (another great resource).
    It's a unique market for Istanbul and a great experience.
    In Ferikoy there is a weekly "organic" market that often has good seasonal products. That might be worth checking out as well.
    There is a central fish auction in Yenikapi which takes place before dawn everyday and you can go and buy fish there fresh off of the commercial fishing boats. We wrote about that one as well if you are interested. It's a really fun experience but try to be low profile (act like a buyer of fish?) when you pass the gate. You are allowed to be there but they do not allow photography for some reason. Once you are in it will be fine, shoot away and take home what looks good.
    I don't know of a salgam boutique but there there is a pushcart guy from Adana (salgam central) near the Aqueducts in Fatih. Mostly you'll find it in bottles nearly everywhere.

    happy trails,


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    1. re: antman

      Hello Antman!
      thank you for your advise, I´ve spend another few hours researching, starting with the new topics you gave me, and I´m getting more and more excited! (Eating Asia was a great tip as well)

      Inebolu market sounds and looks amazing!

      And I definitely will try my luck at the fish auction,
      I´m hoping to make a convincing impression of a buyer of fish!
      We`re usually not really trigger happy, so the camera shouldn´t be a problem,
      also I´m sporting a mustache, maybe that will help too.
      What time do you think is good to go there?

      is this some kind of Ike yime?
      "Yusuf cut the head and tail off, sliced the fish into thick medallions and ran a thin spike through the centre, draining the blood before tossing it into a bucket of seawater. After cleaning it several times he would seal it in jars of salt for 10 days or so before distributing it to clients around the city."

      thanks again!