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Mar 17, 2013 05:55 PM

Texas Best BBQ in Valley Village on Riverside:

There's various threads about this spot vs. Dave & Romero's TX BBQ on Coldwater outside behind the deli. I just returned from an amazing meal and got the full scoop. I was lucky to meet the owner as well and he let me come in the back of the restaurant to snap these shots of the smoker. They were trying something new a smoked Meatloaf which looked killer. I first discovered these guys from the outdoor barbecuing on Coldwater. Now I learned that Dave moved back to TX and the Deli is trying to continue this. The other partner opened this location on Laurel & Riverside. I went for the 3 meat combo with 2 sides for $20, you cant beat that. The pork rib had amazing flavor and allot of meat, this was my favorite. I also went with the tri-tip and sausage which were just as good. For my sides the beans stood out and some of the best I've ever tried. I did enjoy the mac n cheese and they let me sample the potatoes salad since I read mixed reviews on here. Now I'm home with half my food saved for tomorrow. I'm telling you, give this spot a try! See photos and enjoy, Stuart

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  1. Is it beef or pork meatloaf if you happen to know ???

    Where the beef ribs there too ? Or is it only on Fridays and Saturdays or just sometimes ????

    1. I'm glad your meal was good. I had their brisket which was unremarkable - practically tasteless. Pork ribs (sorry Kevin - not beef) were much better. Was not impressed with the mac-and-cheese...American cheese (food) has its place, but not as a dominant flavor. Much prefer Santa Maria style tri-tip, as the cut is better medium rare than smoked until it is dry. While the service was wonderful it was rather grating to hear complaints about the "smoked meat police" or something like that while waiting for my take-out.

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        i actually thought they were pretty terrible. i was sad too since they had some of the best chicken i've had in a while when they were at hardy's. got a 3 meat. was only given 2. what i got was chicken that was nothing like what i had before and dry brisket.

        1. re: cdub

          i think i'll skip this place in that case. there's already a couple pretty good joints in my rotation so no need for a crappy one.

          And American cheese in mac n cheese sounds beyond vile. it's as if one used American cheese in eggplant parmigiana or pasta carbornara. Which in a word: VILE.