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Mar 17, 2013 05:40 PM

Locally made grocery products (small(ish) producers/etc) - reviews

Thought this might be an informative idea for a thread. Sometimes a whole thread really isn't needed just to say "I found this product that I like" so instead you could use this product to post about a local company that supplies to grocery stores and maybe give people an idea where to find something that they like.

I have enjoyed Alba Lisa tortillas before but a few weeks ago I was at Summerhill and I saw that they have a line of sauces in a squeeze bottle (refrigerated). I picked up the Salsa Verde (around $7.99 ish) - chef style hot. I have enjoyed eating it over the last while. On eggs, in tortillas, in top of rice, etc. I was at Fiesta farms for the first time tonight and notice they carry them there too. They also have other Alba Lisa products (but, surprisingly didn't see the tortillas!). I saw soup by them and tortilla chips.

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  1. The chili oil at Swatow. It's been a long time since I've picked up a jar but it was maybe $4?

    1. Picked up some salsa from Mad Mexican on the weekend at the Good Food and Drink show. This type I hadn't tried before

      Dried Morita Salsa (aka Salsa Roja)

      Description from the website:

      The dried and smoked morita pepper, a native of Mexico, give this salsa its distinct earthy flavor. Made from fresh charred tomatoes and sweet onions, it has a medium heavy body with a touch of heat. This morita salsa achieves complex flavors reminiscent of smoked and fire grilled foods. It boldly stands alone as a dip or adds the spark to grilled meats, shrimp and tomato base sauces.

      I really liked it when I tasted it and am just eating it with dinner right now (spiced up an eggplant melt)

      Pretty much like all of their products that I have tried.

      1. Saw an article on Ontario made (and grown) pasta -

        It was in the Globe and Mail on May 22, 2013. I can't seem to find it online though, it comes up in the G&M search but when I click on the article it takes me back to the first page.

        Anyway, basic summary. Company's main business is as a seed company and they developed a new type of wheat 17 years ago by crossing varieties. To get the word out to farmers he approached their wives with samples of pasta made from the wheat.

        Supposedly available at Whole Foods but I haven't tried it before.

        1. I love the sweet and savoury shortbreads that Provisions Food Company makes. They (well, she) is based out of St. Catharines, and I've bought her stuff at Stratus. Looks like Alex on Yonge and Dish Cooking Studio carry her stuff in Toronto.

          Cherry Lane in Vineland Station makes wonderful cherry (duh) products. I adore the concentrated tart cherry juice. Dilute with water for cherry juice, or with soda for sparkling juice. I've made homemade cherry cola with this stuff, too. They also sell dried cherries and someone (YUM?) makes a delicious cherry jam with their cherries, which I've bought at local farmers markets.

          1. Summerhill Market brand everything LOL

            Okay maybe I should be more specific -

            Their hummos is excellent!! Has much more depth than some of the other brands I've tried.