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Mar 17, 2013 05:17 PM

Moroccan Hospitality in Malden -- is it still open?

We want to go to a Moroccan restaurant tomorrow night, but I can't get anyone to answer the phone at Moroccan Hospitality on Salem Street in Malden. We've never been there. Is this restaurant closed? If so, where else can we eat Moroccan food that is within a reasonable drive from Somerville/Cambridge. Thanks!

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      1. IIRC they are closed on Sundays, and they don't have voicemail. So there probably just wasn't anyone in to answer your call.

        1. I don't know whether the Malden restaurant is still open, but I do know that there is a Grand Opening of a Somerville Moroccan Hospitality restaurant. Opening is tonight, Thursday June 12, 6:00 pm!!! If you can't make it tonight, then visit soon. The food is just terrific and the sisters will make you part of their family.
          Somerville address is 585 Somerville Avenue, between Union and Porter Squares, and across from Conway Park. (Just a few blocks from Market Basket.)

          1. I'm delighted to find that Moroccan Hospitality has moved to Somerville! It's at 585 Somerville Avenue, between Porter Square and Union Square, in a little white building with an orange awning. A beautiful room with wonderful food and cook/owner sisters who will make you feel like you're part of their family.

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              Their Facebook page indicates that they are not open for lunch; only for dinner.