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Mar 17, 2013 04:51 PM

Two Days in Bath with Kids

Hey gang- doesn't look like there have been any posts re: Bath for over 6 months. Any recommendations for family meals while we're there. I understand, even from the old posts, that there isn't much beyond touristy in the centre of town. We have two kids under 5 so it can't be too fancy and of course we'd rather be on the 'cheaper' side of things (10-15GBP/adult). We're happy with sandwiches for lunch and pubs for dinners- or simple British fare. We also love pizza (of course!) and pasta. Would also love a good coffee place!

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  1. Space is at such a premium in Bath, it's tricky to find decent places with buggy-room. A few ideas:
    The Cosy Club, in the middle of the new shopping bit of town - certainly nothing fancy, but it's friendly and quirky enough to keep the small people occupied.
    The Hop Pole - out by Victoria Park (where you may end up at some point - enormous play area), a great Bath Ales pub with a lovely garden. And the new Graze chophouse by the station, also a Bath Ales place, would be worth checking out - haven't been, but the Bristol version is great. They serve proper steak puddings, too.

    For coffee: Colonna & Smalls is the best in town imo.

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      Thanks for that- we might not be wrestling with buggies (or may have one very foldable one) but thanks for thinking of that!!

    2. I'd second the Hop Pole. Really lovely place and lots of kids running round when I was there last summer.

      Not fancy, but I had a very nice dinner at Cote, which is a smallish chain specialising in steak that has a prix-fixe that's very reasonable. It's in the same building as Jamie's Italian, which is undoubtedly child-friendly, but possibly a bit more expensive than you're looking for. That said, it does have a lovely deli attached to it, which might be good for takeaway lunches.

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        Perfect thanks!! takeaway lunches might be just the thing- we have an apartment so it might be nice to take it back 'home'. Thank you!!

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          I always shudder when chain restaurants like Cote and Jamie's are recommended on the board, they maybe the better end of high street chains but are they really chow worthy?

          Hop Pole is definately kid friendly but the food never really grabbed me - the beer was great though (and its a little our of the centre). For me the two best eating pubs are the King William on London road or the White Hart in Widcombe (behind the station).

          It may be worth checking out Allium Brasserie which is very central, an early meal there may hit the spot (see Jay Rayner on WOM for a recent review) for very good food.

          For food to take home, the Farmers Market on Saturday morning in the old station near Sainsbury's is very good with some great local cheese and baked goods as well as the meat and veggies. The best deli is in Walcott Street called the "fine cheese" but it isn't cheap. There is also a wonderful old butchers in Green Street (not the sausage shop) that does wonderful old fashioned ham, good pork pie and great faggots if you get there early.

          For pastries, bread etc head to the new Bertinet Bakery in the Railway Arches near the station - Richard Bertinet was BBC Food Champion in 2010 and is a baking maestro.

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            Given the OP's request for not too fancy or pricey, I think it is worth recommending the better chains. But then personally, I shudder when terms like "chow-worthy" are bandied around.

            1. re: juniper77

              Oy, ok! Thank you ALL for the recommendations- they are ALL worthy of consideration, and I appreciate every one of them ( :

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              Seconding both the recommendation for the Allium Brasserie (the lunch deal is a total bargain, though not sure about its friendliness to kids?), and Richard Bertinet's cafe. He also has a bakery in the centre of town. Another good deli is Chandos up near the Assembly Rooms - great sandwiches, too.

              Nice to see the Bath recommendations list being updated - thanks for asking the question!

              1. re: bodessa

                Happy to oblige( : It did seem that there were no recent posts and I wasn't sure if things just hadn't changed or...??

          2. For a sandwich lunch, head to Kingsmead Square which is near the touristy centre so its an easy stop.

            The Society Cafe rivals Colonna and Smalls for best coffee in Bath and also serves sandwiches. If they're too busy, the large Boston Tea Party cafe on the same square also serves decent sandwiches.

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              Although, Boston Tea Party's coffee quality is highly dependent on the skill of the yoof who makes it - it can be OK but often not.

              One thing I also should say is £10 to £15 a head in Bath is not going to be easy. Lots of affluent locals mixed with wealthy tourists drive prices up.

              1. re: PhilD

                Fair enough! Thanks for the heads up- good to know what we can expect, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of pricing. I always forget how expensive England is until I get there...

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                  Thanks PhilD. It looks like I was a bit unclear. Society Cafe has great coffee and good sandwiches. Boston Tea Party merely has good sandwiches.

                  For better sandwiches, Chandos Deli, as has been mentioned. I also like Sam's Kitchen and Deli on Walcot St. but unfortunately every time I go there its extremely crowded and hard to find a table.