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Mar 16, 2013 11:46 AM

Large party at Zero Zero in SF

Not sure about solo but will have a report on the Zero Zero 16 person fixed menu soon! Stay tuned...

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  1. Zero Zero put on a great pizza party for 16. They have a fixed menu for large parties, but it allows you to really sample a good amount of the menu. Started out with marinated olives - pretty good if maybe a bit too oily. Arancini balls not what I expected (thought they would be less cheesy) but really good. Liked the greyish paste the arancini balls rested on a lot. Not sure what it was; maybe anchovi?

    We substituted charcuterie for the pasta and it was a great choice. Liked the ham a lot. Could've used some pickled mustard greens, or something to cut the ham a bit. The buttered toast was a little out of place given that pizza was coming up. Maybe some plain bruschetta bread would've worked a bit better.

    The seasonal vegetable was brussel sprouts -- it was a table favorite. Bruschetta was nice and crispy; we tried the garbanzo bean and avocado. In terms of the pizza, I didn't love the clam but thought the pepperoni and sausage might have been the best I've had in the Bay. The mushroom was great too. Crust was perfect --- chewy / crispy with even char and not too salty. Definitely better than Forge, probably on par with Boot & Shoe.

    Finally, the donuts and chocolate lava cake and soft serve might have been the highlight of the meal after the pizza. Loved the vanilla soft serve with chocolate sauce. Their donuts come out hot and are not cakey at all with good yeast.

    Punch bowls were OK but not that exciting. Really enjoyed the bourbon cocktail though.

    Thanks chowhound for the Zero Zero rec for a large party! It was perfect and everybody had a good time.

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      I am not intending this as a snarky reply. I appreciate the menu suggestions, but maybe you should have this as a separate topic so that it is not hidden from people who are looking for places for big groups.

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        Yea, but I chose to post it here because it was easier and flowed from the recent mention of Zero Zero. Mods are free to move if they want. I do my best at chowhounding, but you can't get it right all the time :).

        I guess I could have posted it in reply to my original question: I put the link to this review in that post too.