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Mar 17, 2013 04:25 PM

About the changes around here. . .

I tend to do things the same old way all the time. I am wondering which of the new features at CH you are using, and how you are using them to make your CH experience better?

Please share along these lines. I'm really interested. Thanks!

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  1. I like the dots when there's new activity on a thread. I didn't ever really notice the arrow or whatever it was that was there before. I also like the ability to see the link to the latest response directly under the original post and go right to it. That may not be new but I just noticed it recently. The rest of the stuff works about like always for me...I'm not interested in archiving anything so those functionalities don't matter in my case.

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    1. re: Samalicious

      You find that easier than the fact that they shade the ones with no new activity??

      Anyway, I really don't use much more than the forums.


    2. I like the Recommend feature and HOPE enough people come to realize they can use it instead of time-wasting posts with no content other than to agree with another post. My computer is fairly slow so it's a bother when I click on new posts that only say "+1".

      I also appreciate the date of the original post appearing on my profile page and the board topic pages. This SHOULD cut down on people responding to long-past time-sensitive questions, but apparently there are still a lot of folks who aren't noticing Lazarus topics.

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      1. re: greygarious

        Sorry, but I think the "Recommend" feature is stupid, & doubt it will catch on.

        Mostly because 1) most folks have something to add after "agreeing" with a post, & 2) most folks really don't bother clicking to see whether someone has "recommended" a post. I know I don't. And why do I care if someone just agrees with a post unless they have something of value to add to it?

        1. re: Bacardi1

          When someone has posed a very specific question, I find the use of "recommend" as a good way to show the balance of opinion without creating an unwieldy or repetitive thread. If people only add new info and never indicate simple agreement of already stated info, true opinions may not be known. For example, lets say that there are only two possible answers. Lets say each option is well explained by a poster, but 95% of the people believe one option to be best. Using recommend is a great way to see that.

          1. re: Bacardi1

            I like the "Recommend" for the same reason as greygarious: it cuts down on the number of "+1" posts (and I have seen a number of these with no additional content).

            Also, I think a number of users have been asking for a FB-like "Like" button, and this is Chow's way of accommodating those requests.

        2. Showing a thread as entirely collapsed when it is reopened with no new posts is a big improvement. Previosly, it was cumbersome to go back to a long thread to find a post when everything was expanded, because of the long time required to generate the display.

          The blue dot is much nicer than the arrow, because it looks better, but primarily because it is in a much better location.

          I have no interest at all in "recommend."

          1. I hate the blu-dot thing. I would hate it less if it didn't highlight threads I've only read.

            It's bad enough to have to remember not to post in threads I don't want following me around forever in my profile. Now I have to be careful not to generate a dot just by *looking* at a thread. I have that form of OCD where I just HAVE to read every thread in my profile, and now every thread that's dotted.

            In "Recommend," I can't get the names to scroll (on those rare occasions when there's a scrollable number of names, like in COTM).

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            1. re: Jay F

              <"In "Recommend," I can't get the names to scroll (on those rare occasions when there's a scrollable number of names, like in COTM).">

              When I was having that problem Jay, I found that if I held the cursor on the number box then slid it up to the field, slid it to the right to the scroll bar, the list of names would expand.

              If there's more than one number you have to bring down the whole page with the side scroll bar, then do what I mentioned above so there'll be more room for the names to expand...

            2. I tend to ask a lot of questions about the changes/new features. When a question is answered the replies typically are: a) we're keeping the use intentionally vague and loose and b) we're monitoring the feature to see how it goes. So I tend to do things the same old way.

              I like knowing if a CH is volunteering or working for the site. The ID of the team is a helpful feature. I've volunteered to move older threads around during a redesign or the launch of a new board several times. Contributing to the cause is a good feature.

              Personally the only good use of the Recommend feature I've seen so far is asking for a count on the next six months of individual cheese nominations for the Cheese of the Month topic. Otherwise, I'm not at all sure why hitting a Recommend button (that collapses after you hit it anyway) is a necessary way to endorse or dismiss another CH's comment.

              I like the addition of the new Cheese board. I would like it even more if the CH's providing "expert" advice with Community leadership were identified as such. I'd like that identification on the Wine board too. Then, a newbie like me would understand the support being provided is actually coming from an insider asked to contribute in a leadership role.

              I'd like CHOW stories more if I could save the topics or videos to my personal profile. I miss the individuals who once populated the CHOW magazine with video interviews and interesting reports. Is Supertaster the only reporter left? It appears that a number of people once creating videos and/or writing with passion & expertise have come and gone....

              The new blue dot, new version of the saving star, being able to add saved posts and recipes to our profiles, uploading photos, editing avatars, etc. are fine. They keep what I wish to retain organized. I really like being able to toggle how many posts I read to 100!

              Someone recommended that these latest bells & whistles be listed in one place for reference and to better understand how to use them, that's a good idea. A Sticky topic?

              Generally speaking, changes around here are pretty common. I have no idea what input is asked for before new features go live but since most changes spur a thread by CH's asking why these changes were made--I hope the CH Team is getting a great deal of input beforehand for all the time and energy spent on them.

              I often wonder when addressing the website's search engine will be a bigger priority.