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Mar 17, 2013 04:09 PM

Good French Dip Sandwich in Vancouver?

Howdy Van City Chow Hounds! I was craving a French Dip sandwich the other day with no idea where to go for it...anyone have a recommendation for a great French Dip? Bonus for centrally located.

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  1. American Cheesesteak Co. on Davie, as far as I know, doesn't have French Dip per se, but they might one day in the future.


    Meat & Bread might have it, since their menu changes regularly:


    Another possibility is Big Lou's on Powell:


    1. Haven't had a great one in years. I used to go to the Whitespot near Stanley Park for their beef dip - fresh sliced from a nice Prime Rib. Not sure if they are still doing this. Phatt is Yaletown does a passable one. Your best bet might be at a hotel restaurant that does weekly Prime Rib nights.

      1. I'm partial to the Wolf and Hound on Broadway (near Alma) for pub style food done well. Their French Dip is delicious, the bun is soft but not too soft and they provide enough "dip" for the whole sandwich (I find I often run out at alot of other places). The onion rings are fabulous here too.

        1. I am a little hesitant about this recommendation because it is not in any way fancy, but just surprisingly solid...I was at Pat's Pub yesterday, and had a french dip. And it was lovely! Not a particularly wonderful jus, but the ratio of meat to bread was perfect, the bread was crispy, the roast beef was piled on and slathered with horseradish. It came with a pile of house cut fries which were perfectly fried, and it was $8.50! Add to that, a great selection of local microbrews, and you have a pretty perfect meal.

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                i sometimes work in dtes - now i need to head further east - will have to keep this spot in mind.

                i read somewhere on here about American Cheesesteak - notice it has been on that telly show on foodnetwork.ca - does anyone on here go there?

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                  I eat at American Cheesesteak often. Excellent sandwiches, but they do not offer a beef dip. I suppose you could order the basic Philly sandwich plus a side order of gravy to dip it in. I have tried a White Spot beef dip, substituting gravy for the au jus - it's pretty rich and quite tasty, but not so good for your cholesterol levels!

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                  I'm partial because it's one of the only places in Vancouver that feels like a bar. No $6 edamame. I imagine it's because of the grandfathered-in liquor laws? And it's a little piece of Vancouver history, as apparently Jellyroll Morton played there in the '20s!

                  1. re: ladypea

                    And Anvil in more recent history \m/
                    (caution, lots of f-bombs)

                    Never would have had this on my radar as a spot for a meal. Will check it out next time I'm in the 'hood :-)

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                Haven't been in ages. Thanks for the reminder. I recall that they had a good charcoal grilled burger. Do they still have that grill? Never mind. I'll confirm that myself!

              3. Mahoney and Sons next to the Trade and Convention Centre! I usually order beef dip when I'm at a pub. The dip is the best I've had. Guinness laced with real beef juice, thick, rich and, oh so delicious. The meat was tender and flavourful sandwiched between a wonderfully fresh cornmeal crusted bun. The side salad was so delicious with a tangy vinegar dressing which I think had miso. I did not order fries but tasted my friend's fries and they were perfect. Mmmmm, writing this, I think I'll go again this week. Sure it's a little more pricey but the food everyone else had was thumbs up.