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Mar 17, 2013 03:11 PM

Lamb burgers vs. Hamburgers

There are literally thousands of hamburger restaurants in Toronto but how many places serve lamb burgers? True burger connaisseurs know that lamb burgers offer a taste experience that hamburgers cannot match. Where can you find lamb burgers in GTA?

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  1. holy chuck's 'greek bahahastard' is a double lamb patty burger. . .enjoyed this a month ago, but didn't find it better than their beef burgers. . .

    on the other hand, i recently had the lamb burger at the breslin in nyc, and i have to say, you may have a point. it was possibly the best burger i've ever eaten.

    1. Le Select does a killer lamb burger.

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      1. re: dubchild

        +1 for Le Select. I find most other things there overpriced...but I'll gladly pay $15 for their lamburger.

        1. re: dubchild

          I love Le Select's lamb burger ... moroccan spicing!!!

          I've never seen anyone mention Utopia on College but they also do a pretty good burger (lamb and otherwise). They also have a lamb and brie wrap that I can't seem to resist.

          1. re: ComerDemonio

            I forgot about Utopia. Their lamb burger is really good.

            I don't care for their sides :(

            But yes, good lamb burger.

        2. I know Great Burger Kitchen on Gerrard serves lamb burgers. Never had one but if they're anything like their beef burgers I'm in! Great stuff.

          1. la societe has one on the menu.

            1. FWIW, you can get a lamb burger at Summerville Market in Rosedale during the summer. They have a grill set up outside selling burgers. I've had it and it was tasty.