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Anyone been to Lobel's Kitchen yet?

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Just wondering if anyone has been to Lobel's Kitchen (1030 Third Avenue), the new shop opened by Lobel's Butchers. Looks like they sell prepared foods to go and also offer a small menu of sandwiches to eat in.


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  1. Didn't know about it, but I work about 6 blocks from there & will have to check it out once the weather warms up.

    1. i had a delicious steak sandwich there for lunch this week, but at $16 for just a small sandwich i won't be back for some time. if cost wasn't a concern, i'd have gotten another one immediately after.

      1. Just finished a lunch there. Food is fantastic but the portions are small and prices sky high. Had hot Italian sandwich for $14 and prime steak sandwich for $18! No sides and the bun is no bigger than a Big Mac. Not much meat either. Delicious, yes. But value is nil. Prime filet by the lb is $76.