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Mar 17, 2013 12:55 PM

Pizza Crust Recipe That Doesn't Taste Like A Biscuit

I've tried a few pizza crust recipes and the pizza always comes out like's I'm eating sauce, cheese and toppings on a Bisquick biscuit. Can anyone shoot me to a recipe that is at least remotely similar to real pizza crust? I don't care if it's thin and crispy or more of a pan style, as long as it's not like eating a biscuit. Thanks guys I appreciate it!!

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  1. If you're really serious about making great pizza at home take your question over to and there will be many folks looking to help. I followed this suggestion about 8 years ago and now make a better pie than can be had anywhere in the area.

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      Awesome thank you! I don't have a mixer but I'll try it anyways, thank you so much.

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        On, there can be found the Lehmann Pizza Dough Calculator. This is a wonderful tool that gives you a dough recipe based on your desired shape, thickness, sugar content, oil content, salt, etc.. The only thing required is a digital scale which is especially important for the flour measurement. This is what I played with until I came up with the recipe/formula that I've been using for the last 4 or 5 years. Check it out.

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          Would love to hear your perfected recipe, if you're willing to share!

      2. The problem is likely a combination of your dough-making technique and your oven temperature and setup.

        While pizza seems like it should be easy to do at home it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

        Definitely checkout, but here is another good resource that helped me immeasurably in developing a solid technique that resulted in great homemade pies:

        1. Serious Eats has a treasure trove of great pizza recipes. Kenji's in particular.

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          1. Well, look on the bright side, even if you never learn to make pizza crust, at least now you know how to make biscuits, right?