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Mar 17, 2013 12:24 PM

Mex Wild Shrimp

Looking for wild caught Mex shrimp - IQF - U15's, 4-5 Lb bags. Anywhere. Costco doesn't count - theirs are farmed in Vietnam.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw Mexican shrimp at Fish King (Glendale) last weekend. It was either there or Whole Foods, I just don't remember (I was in both places but not shopping for shrimp). Both places have phones.

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    1. re: Jack Flash

      Even if Fish King doesn't have something they can usually get it for you when they go to the markets. You just need to give them a day or 2 notice. They know the markets pretty well and can even let you know if they show up at all or in what season.

    2. I see Santa Monica Seafood has wild Brown shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico but caught in US waters for sale:

      1. try sprouts. i'm pretty firm on wild caught shrimp, myself, and that's where i find good shrimp at good prices most frequently.

        1. I guess not. Oh well, thanks anyway.

          1. New England Lobster Company
            824 Cowan Road
            Burlingame, CA
            The best shrimp in CA: 16-20 lb peeled/deveined/tail on from the Sea of Cortez.
            2 lbs. 16-20 Ct. Large Wild Mexican White Shrimp - Raw Peeled & Deveined Tail-on $14.00/lb

            16 to 20 pieces per pound. 2 lb. package. Individually quick frozen portion use. Raw, peeled and de-veined, tail on. Wild caught in the Sea of Cortez,Mexico.

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