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Mar 17, 2013 12:19 PM

Quick cheese shopping in Amsterdam - near the Central Station or the Stedelijk

Hello, Amsterdam chowhounds,

I'll be having a very short trip but long business day in Amsterdam this coming Wednesday. I'd love to bring back some cheese but will be very limited time-wise, so is there a good place to buy some either:

- near the Central Station
- near the Stedelijk Museum

If worse comes to worse a good quality supermarket will do as long as it's in the vicinity of either of these two locations. I likely won't have much more than half an hour to do my shopping before I catch my train back to Brussels.

I'm mostly looking for aged cheese but open to all suggestions.


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  1. There's a shop called cheese and more on Neuwendjik.
    It's very touristy but it is close to Amsterdam Centraal and they do have aged cheeses , not top notch but better than a supermarket.

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    1. I had the pleasure of visiting De Kaaskamer yesterday - a remarkable cheese shop in the Little Nine Streets neighborhood... They had a fantastic array of traditional Dutch cheeses, but also had many many quality offerings of cheeses from around Europe - and gorgeous accompaniments (giant Medjool dates, fig cakes, quality salamis, nuts...). Lots of Slow Food signs here. It didn't seem particularly touristy, though no doubt tourists DO visit this neighborhood. All the products were obviously hand-picked and the staff was friendly and knowledgable. I would highly recommend it!

      Their website is here:

      (I would add that they are about 15 minutes walking from the Stedelijk or can be reached by the tram easily.)

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      1. re: breakfastsandwich

        I'll try it next time, thanks for the rec!

      2. Sorry for the late follow-up, I didn't have a chance to post before now.

        So I ended up at Wout Arxhoek totally randomly after my meetings ended earlier than expected. I got a fantastic super aged Gouda and also a milder one recommended by the cheese monger. The address is:

        Wout Arxhoek Kaashandel
        Damstraat 19, 1012 JL Amsterdam

        They give out samples so you can taste everything, and they carry lots of non-Dutch cheeses as well, plus the usual accoutrements (nuts, dried fruits, etc.).

        I also spent some time on Harlemmerstraat later since I had a good hour to kill before getting to the station. I didn't stop anywhere but there were several good quality food emporiums/delis/cheesemongers etc. including a Spanish deli. I promise myself to do some serious food shopping there next time I'll be in Amsterdam.