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Mar 17, 2013 12:15 PM

Haven't been to Montreal Chinatown in 10 years, looking for good recommendations and War Sui Guy

Hey everybody,

Me and my chinese parents are visiting our Montreal relatives but we haven't been to montreal's chinatown in over a decade and we know a lot has changed. I'm planning on taking out the relatives and folks out to dinner and I'm looking for more current recommendations then what we can remember.

The other thing i'm looking for is a dish called War Sui Guy. We know that Maison Kam Fung has it but we are wondering if any other restos in Chinatown offer it or do it better than them?

Thanks to everyone who replies!

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  1. We loved the restaurant on Rene Levesque corner Bleury when we took guests from China a few years ago. Szechuan food I believe. Review from 2011:

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    1. There are many Asian restaurants that have popped up near Concordia, such that some now refer to the area as "Chinatown 2". It's not very convenient for me so I can't help with specific recs, but maybe try searching this board for "Chinatown" & you will find some info on both Chinatown 1 and 2.

      1. What kind of Chinese cuisine do you and your relatives/parents prefer?

        1. I don't believe many restaurants have it because it's a bit hard to make. Mostly banquet-type restaurants like Kam Fung would have it. It's okay there-it's the go-to place to feed parents and visitors for us!
          Maybe ask Ruby Rouge? Chez Chine or Le Cristal Chinois may have it but they'd cost more.

          1. I first had war sui guy at a wedding reception at Chinatown's Holiday Inn. When I ordered it from our go-to resto (the now defunct hun dao), the cook-owner said I'd have to order it in advance, which I did.
            It was a masterpeice.
            Sadly the chef and the restaurant are no longer with us.
            Today, my Cantonese restaurant of choice is Beijing. They offer war sui guy in half and full order. Although good, I'd hesitate to reccomend it as its nowhere near the greatness it can be...
            With that said, maybe call ahead to a few places, see if they have it and if it requires pre-ordering. I'm guessing if it has to be pre-ordered, its likely to be above average.

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              +1 Beijing
              My go-to Chinese spot as well, along with Amigo 168.