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Mar 17, 2013 11:17 AM

rice paper roll fillings

I have a pack of rice paper, and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on fillings?? I know there are heaps of recipes on the net but most of them need asian condiments such as fish sauce and hoisin but I don't have access to any of those.. I dont want the wraps to turn out bland. any ideas??

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  1. do you at least have soy sauce in the house? If so you could make a decent peanut dressing or dipping sauce with a little peanut butter.

    If you don't mind deep frying, you can make egg rolls ...i would recommend double thickness for a little extra texture.

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      I do have some soy sauce, sriracha and some sesame oil.. that's it. I live in a small town in italy so its difficult to get hold of ingredients!

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        Mix some soy sauce, honey, and a little bit of the sesame oil together - taste as you go until you get something you like.
        Mince 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and 1 small scallion/green onion.
        That makes a pretty good basic dipping sauce. From there you can add a touch of wine vinegar, maybe some fruit juice (plum, apple, or pear is a good start).
        Wasabi or horseradish is good to add a little bite to the sauce as is the sriracha.

    2. hot dogs, ketchup, mustard and relish works, and definitely won't be bland.

      spam with some bbq sauce is also great, and again won't be bland.

      scrambled eggs, ketchup and some leafy greens (like kale or arugula) is also wonderful.

      Gosh, now I'm hungry ... where'd I put those pack of rice paper sheets ...

      1. What do you have on hand?

        1. You can use almost anything as fillings.
          hot dogs
          grilled chicken/steak/pork strips
          rice noodles
          pickled radish
          egg strips
          steamed/baked/fried fish
          parboiled carrot
          rice/fried rice
          etc etc

          For the dipping sauce - a little soy sauce and wasabi, or soy sauce with a bit of sesame oil and chopped green onion, mustard & soy sauce, a nice salad dressing, mayo/mustard/ketchup

          1. Interestingly, I did this last night, not having seen the initial post. I filled them with shredded cabbage, radish, celery and ginger along with some leftover asian-style pork I make a while ago. Everything was chopped or shredded very fine. We dipped in soy sauce, but you could use anything. Because the meat was spiced when it was first cooked, it added flavor to the rolls.