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Passover dinner (not seder) South End or Copley

  • jira Mar 17, 2013 11:13 AM
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We have tickets 3/30 at the Calderwood Pavilion and realized that is during Passover. One of our party keeps kosher during Passover, so (basically) no bread, no pasta, no rice, no corn, no legumes. The restaurant needn't have been koshered for Passover, but should be able to serve an acceptable meal.

Immediately thought of Addis Red Sea, but they said no, injera is bread.
I guess that leaves cheese, meat or fish, potatoes, and non-legume veggies. Any ideas where we might be able to eat?

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  1. Myers and Chang, maybe? http://www.myersandchang.com/p11.php?...


    1. http://beaconhillhotel.com/bistro/men...

      Beacon Hill Bistro is offering a Passover pre-fix

      1. I've also attended a seder (open to the public) at South End Buttery in past years, a really nice meal.


        1. Have you discussed this with the person in question? If they are willing to go out to eat at all, they must have an idea of what would be acceptable to them to order. It might be that a simple grilled protein item with a pot/veg side will be acceptable, as long as there are not breadcrumbs involved or cornstarch/flour-thickened sauces. A good kitchen should be willing to oblige and be sure, just as they would do for food allergies. If the mere presence of anything not kosher for Passover would be offensive, I wouldn't think the person would join for dinner at all. Otherwise, a simply prepared meal should suffice, while opting to pass on the breads on the table. A nice fruit or house made ice cream/sorbet (as long as no corn syrup used) could round out the meal.

          1. As long as they are not expecting kosher for Passover any restaurant can do grilled meat/fish, veg, and potato, this is not that tricky.

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            2. La Morra does a nice Passover dinner. Can't find it on their website, but did find this: http://www.bostonusa.com/visit/boston...

              Not too far from the Boston city line in Brookline.