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Mar 17, 2013 11:09 AM

NYC in April

Hey. I'm hitting the big apple the end of April and am looking for some tasty places to try. Doesn't need to be fancy. I love a hole in the wall as long as the food is good. Definitely looking for an Italian place and a great place to grab a slice. But I eat everything other than Indian and Vietnamese. Any thoughts?

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  1. Your request is extremely vague.

    What neighborhoods do you plan to visit? Any other items driving your itinerary like shows or sight seeing?

    Are you dining solo?

    What's your budget before tax, tip, any wine/drinks?

    Are you looking for bar/counter dining? Or making reservations for a table? How long would you be willing to wait for a seat?

    Where are you traveling from?

    Any favorite cuisines? Other things you want to try?

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      Sorry. Didn't have a hotel reservation yet. I am staying at the Double Tree in times square and will be vacationing with my folks. We are coming from Dallas, TX.

      Our focus will be seeing several shows, china town and a couple of the museums. We have all been many times before.

      As far as location - anything in the Midtown/theater district, Gramercy park/flatiron, china town/little Italy, Greenwich village are all game. We are looking to do one nice meal around $50 a person. Otherwise we aren't looking for a huge price tag, just some great food. We def. want an Italian place, Deli for sandwich, and a pizza place to grab a slice. Other than that we are pretty open to genre. No Indian, Vietnamese or Mexican (we're from Texas).

      With trying to hit the theater every night we aren't going to want to wait too long for a table, but would totally make reservations if that's an option. Mom will want to be in the dining area not the bar. Does that help?