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Mar 17, 2013 10:42 AM

Tteok stir fried in bulgogi, mmmmmh!

I was doing my usual weekend shopping in the neighborhood Korean owned international hypermarket. On Sat and Sun they have a lot of sample stands. I picked up a chicken and a beef bulgogi each and ate them with the provided toothpick. The beef and chicen were so-so. They had been set out to advertise a marinade brand. But both of them had tteok stir fried a long with the meat.

I have never had bulgogi with rice cakes in it. They were thinner than the usual tubes used for tteok bokki, maybe like a No2 pencil. (I have had flat oblong tteok in tteok bokki before, too.) It was really delicious. I am a huge tteok bok ki fan, as in that is one of my favorite K-dishes. I never knew that you could stick tteok in other things. I want more!

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  1. Haven't had it with bulgogi, but I imagine it would be pretty good.
    Basted with soy sauce, honey, ume mixture and grilled until crispy on the outside gooey inside is great.

    1. Cool. Thanks.

      <I have never had bulgogi with rice cakes in it>

      So, the bulgogi in the rice cakes or the rice cake in the bulgogi?