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Mar 17, 2013 10:41 AM

Chef Gilbert

Anyone know where he will work since leaving Sustenio? Has anyone cooked from his book? Loved the restaurant when he was there; haven't been since he left. How is it.... lovely, I know, but how's the food?

Also noticed ( some time back) that Ro-Mo's closed. Any news on them?

What about Kurt Pike of Pike's Place near Bandera. Is he cooking anywhere?

These chefs are hard to follow but they are well worth it.

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  1. Haven't heard anything about David Gilbert. Sent him a few emails when we were planning on eating at Sustenio in late January for my wife's birthday, but he never answered them.

    1. Saw him cooking with Chad Carey (Monterey Empresario) at the Paella cookoff but didn't ask what he's up to. Ro-Mos sous chef (Whitney ?) has a fantastic food truck (Spice Sea Gourmet) thats at Naco/410 a lot....not cheap, but the best truck going imho. @SpiceSeaGourmet on twitter