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Mar 17, 2013 09:32 AM

Jeanne B in the 18th: Astonishing food at these prices: the Astier brand lives.

For those on budgets or those not, Jeanne B., in the heart of touristy Montmartre (61, rue Lepic in the 18th (Metro: ah... maybe Absesses, better the # 80 or 95 bus), open 7/7, offers startlingly good food at most reasonable prices. Three of us went today, yes Sunday, for lunch and I had what I think was the best lobster bisque and gigot ever and my two companions were equally pleased. The damages = 37 E a person with the moral equivalent of 1/2 bottle of wine apiece.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. We'll be basing ourselves in this area in May - very good to keep in mind.

    I had one of the best meals of my life at Astier (lapin à la moutarde) but it was many years ago and I've heard some less than stellar reviews lately.

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    1. re: VaPaula

      Yah well Astier was hot 40 years ago but while still OK is crowded and overAmericanized. This new place is much more spacious and up-to-date and in a relative food desert (excepting the Clocher, Table d'Eugene and Le 122) a welcome presence.

        1. re: mangeur

          Whoops, caught me, brain slipped a cog, Sens Unique, at 44 not 122.

          But Le 122 in the 7th is terrific under the new chef.

          Sorry, that cuts back the 18th options although yesterday (as Laidback warned me) Le Cafe Qui Parle had a 20 person line out the door at 12h15.

    2. Although a little twisted knee from skiing has kept me from away from the Butte, my sister who lives just up the stairway from the new Jeanne B has given up cooking at home and now camps out at Jeanne B. Now with your imprimatur (much better than her often suspect approval), I think I'm gonna hobble along to join her for dinner there asap.

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      1. re: Parnassien

        Oh man, I feel for you as an ex-skiier. I warn you, though, it's uphill, steep from the Rue Tourlaque. Better to get a friend or your sister to drive you and drop you off (not the Mt Everest experience of Coq Rico, but). And it's not the greatest restaurant in the world, but for a local, it's quite good. And there's space, and cool stuff at the counter, and a wonderful staff who unlike at places like the Regalade Conservatoire, don't seem to have been hired yesterday.

        1. re: John Talbott

          Get to Pigalle, then take the little Montmartre bus to the door. Enjoy!