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Mar 17, 2013 08:53 AM

Post Graduation Dinner near Copley Sq.

I'm looking for ideas for a Friday night for after my son's graduation from Northeastern. My wife & I and his grandparents are staying near Copley - ideal would be a short walk or cab ride away. My wife, son & I are adventurous, grandparents not so much. Any ideas for a nice place that could work for all of us?

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  1. Mistral is classy and has really well executed cuisine. It's got a beautiful atmosphere and solid service. Clio is also french cuisine and upscale. It's a bit more inventive than Mistral.

    1. I like Mistral too but another option would be Brasserie Joes which is a bit closer 1/2 block from Copley Place on the same street (Huntington Ave).

      1. We had a similar configuration at a graduation and were very pleased with Eastern Standard which is a short cab ride away. On another occasion with the grandparents we went to Brasserie Jo and they loved that, too.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. It seems my Chowhounding son has eaten at Clio, Mistral, Brasserie Jo, and some of the other places I was thinking of. Wanting to go somewhere he hasn't, I made a reservation at Hammersley Bistro, which seems to get uniformly positive reviews here.

        2. A real special occassion type place is Top of the Hub. The food is really pretty good, although you do pay extra for the view.