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Mar 17, 2013 08:13 AM

Too much water in my starter!

I have been growing my sourdough starter for 7 days, the last time i fed it, it did not grow like before, so I repeated tossing half of it and adding 1 cup flour to 1/2 water filtered. Problem!!!! I added 1 cup water now it is runny:( have I ruined it? Do I have to start over? help thanks

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  1. where did you get your starter from? (how did you start your starter?) If your starter is well established, just add more flour, leave at room temp and wait and see if it grows...

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    1. re: kazhound

      I got my starter from pinch of salt web site, I used the pineapple receipe.

      1. re: palaceprincess

        so it's still not that stable - nonetheless, the advice is still the same, I think, just add the remaining flour and wait and see! Let us know!

        1. re: kazhound

          thanks ladies for the help I added more flour so we will see. Has anyone ever tried the pineapple juice recipe? Seems like everything I attempt to make baking wise is a disaster, so I am learning the hard way.Thats why I joined chow maybe I can learn something.

    2. yeah.if you add some more flour you s/b ok

      1. Since you doubled the water required, just double the flour. So add another cup of flour and you should be fine.