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Mar 17, 2013 01:14 AM

St. Louis vegan friendly breakfast and lunch spots

I will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel with mornings free and access to a car. Looking to spend the mornings exploring and getting away from the convention area to have a healthy breakfast, grab a light to-go lunch then return to the hotel for afternoon and evening sessions of bridge at the national tournament going on this week.

Vegan friendly dinner suggestions near the hotel also appreciated.

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  1. Rooster, three blocks from the hotel.

    1. Frida's Vegan Deli, 622 North and South Rd., University City, a very near-in 'burb, just off Delmar Blvd.
      is what you're looking for.

      Was wondering what meeting was going on this week - friends are in town for 9 days and they didn't say why, but I'm sure that's it.

      1. excellent falafel at The Vine on South Grand near Utah (but better with the non-vegan yogurt sauce...) if you have access to a microwave, Culinaerie (sp?) is a full-ish grocery store downtown that might expand your immediate neighborhood choices.

        STL doesn't do vegan easily unless you hit an Asian (like Thai or VN) place and go with the tofu options.

        1. I absolutely second hill food's suggestion for the falafel at The Vine, one of our absolute favorite places to eat. In the same neighborhood is a cupcake/coffeehouse place called SweetArt, I'm a dedicated meat eater and even I like the vegan bahn mi and the vegan 'B'LT, and the cupcakes are exemplary. Probably the most vegan-friendly place in town, and the owners are nice people, though I sometimes wish they would lean on their employees a little bit more...service is usually friendly, but can be kind of spotty. Great looking place, too. One of the owners is an artist and his work adorns the walls.

          1. has Govinda's in the Hare Krishna Temple on Lindell (easy drive from downtown) re-opened yet? I heard they closed for re-tooling last Fall. I haven't been in years, back when we were starving students, we'd get big cups of tamarind tea to go and mix with Jack Daniels outside....

            wasn't bad for a vegetarian/vegan AYCE maybe part of the charm was the devotee who ran the place "I used to make hippies into happies, now I make punks into monks!" we called him 'Henny Krishna' (they never actually proselytized unless you went to a special event like a wedding) I have no idea what they were/are like in recent years.


            sadly for the V/V crowd this is the more typical demographic in STL: