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Mar 17, 2013 01:10 AM

Westchester Burger

Went to the Rye Brook location tonight. One of the worst burgers I've ever tasted. Meat is unseasoned. Cheese is used so little it can't constitute as a cheeseburger. Sweet Potato fries were dreadful. We had a large table, but the service was below average. Don't think I'll be back. Any place with burger in the name that doesn't care about the meat shouldn't be open.

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  1. jhopp217, while driving on the Cross County Pkwy I noticed a BGR The Burger Joint has opened next to Boston Market in the mall. I have never been to one but thought I'd mention it since you like burgers. The Mount Kisco location has been reviewed here.

    1. shame on them.
      a delicious cheeseburger isn't hard to make and should completely satisfy. for me though, it's all about the quest of finding the perfect burger, in my case though, it's the perfect chili cheeseburger and I've found exactly 2 places that get my heart a thumpin.....................

      1. Hello Mr jhopp!
        I have been in the one in Bedford HIlls up here and at the beginning when they first opened, they had the same issues. They did improve though. Service is and I think always be slow....The BGR place in Mount Kisco seems to always to be empty, I do not like thier burgers at all. My taste though. Same for Five Guys, I hate when you cant have a burger cooked the way you want it. Still like my Pipers Kilt or my own at home.

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          I ate at the one in BH when they first opened and had a Groupon. I was not very impressed (thinnest slice of tomato I've ever seen). Then I bought another Groupon recently, and later in the day got a "what was I thinking?" feeling and cancelled the purchase. They sold over 5,000 of them, so I expect they will be pretty busy for a while.

        2. I can take slow, even poor service if the food is worth it. My big issue with places that call themselves burger places, is their refusal to put their stamp on the meat itself. Take my burger at WB. The Train Wreck - advertised as an "8 oz., frizzled onions, watercress, creamy buffalo blue cheese, brioche bun."

          Burger was indeed an 8oz burger, perfectly cooked medium rare, with not one sprinkle of seasoning on the beef, leaving the meat completely tasteless.

          The frizzled onions were the only thing that gave the burger flavor, because the dollop of bleu cheese dressing allowed me to taste cheese, onion and burger in exactly two bites. The watercress was pointless, because there was no tasting it over the onions. I will say the brioche roll was nice.

          It also came with this indescribable sweet dipping sauce which I wasn't sure was for the lackluster burger or the lackluster sweet potato fries. The sauce we sweet, but had the consistency of molasses, which was odd. Sadly, it was the only way to give the burger any taste.

          Obviously, I am spoiled, living right behind the Piper's Kilt in Eastchester and being within walking distance of The Quarry in Tuckahoe, American Bistro in Crestwood and a quick 5 minute ride from AJ's in New Rochelle, so I have a little higher standard. But for what I paid and the distance I travelled, I could have had the exact same burger at Jake's Steakhouse in Riverdale....or walked around the corner and went to PKs

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          1. re: jhopp217

            I went to the WBC in White Plains and thought my burger was pretty good - at least, on par with the burgers you can get at the pubs on Mamaroneck Avenue.

            Underseasoned burgers are a reason I never go to Five Guys - they put plenty of salt on their fries, but apparently never thought to put even a dash of salt on their burgers.

            Speaking of the Piper's Kilt, do they have a decent veggie burger on the menu, or at least, some decent veggie sandwich options? I'd love to try their regular burger, but my wife is vegetarian.

            1. re: kdgchow

              As far as I know they don't have any vegeterian options burger wise. I usually go for the cheeseburger so I have not really paid any attention to veggie options.Maybe JHopp knows more than me but last I know they were not planning on adding any veggie or turkey burgers to their menu. But you can always give them a call to find out!

              1. re: paris1976

                I have eaten at Westchester Burger many, many times. Their food and service are consistently good. Their veggie burgers are one of my favorite meals. I would not suggest driving a long distance to go, but for me, it is convenient and good. I know what I am getting. The service is friendly and efficient. They have a long, long list of burgers, but in the bottom corner there is a make your own option, you pick the size of the burger (6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz) and exactly what items you want.

              2. re: kdgchow

                I dn't know about WBC but the new burger place Smashburger next to Home Goods in the Fairway plaza in Pelham has a veggie burger plus chicken options. I have only looked at their menu though so can't speak for the burgers but they seem to be busy.

                1. re: rolise

                  I wasn't impressed by their burger.

                2. re: kdgchow

                  Unfortunately PK is carnivore crazy. Not too many vegetarian options. Unless you get a bacon-less BLT, haha

              3. Brazen Fox in WP's. Great burger, Pat La Frieda beef. The best around. Juicy, well seasoned, great. A bloody Mary on Sunday with one of these cheeseburgers makes the approach of Monday bearable. Else, Emma's for Brunch. Best corn beef hash EVER.

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                1. re: eatwp

                  Brazen Fox is good, but as far as the best pure burger among the Mamaroneck Avenue pubs, I'm going to have to go with Porter House.

                  1. re: kdgchow

                    Have they gotten better? Only burger I've ever returned in my life. Thought it was overcooked, because it was grey and tasteless. They got me a new one....Same deal. Personally, the worst burger I've ever had in Westchester County. And I've had some truly awful burgers

                  2. re: eatwp

                    I went to a cooking demo/dinner and the entire class was a tutorial from Pat LaFreida himself. Brazen Fox is not serving his beef. If they are, he'd be embarrassed by what they are putting out.