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Mar 17, 2013 12:47 AM

Best Indian Food in Orange County

Recently I have tried an indian take out place near my house in Huntington Beach, the curry is very delicious, realizing I have missed out on one type of ethnic foods that used a lot of spices. Can you recommend some Indian restaurants in Orange County. Comments regarding the quality of the food are greatly appreciated. I am looking to try the best Indian food possible, willing to travel far for better food.

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  1. Royal Khyber is my go to place in the OC. Right across from South Coast Plaza.

    The tandoori chicken, chicken tiki masala, vindaloo, and biryani are as good as I have had anywhere. Garlic naan is also delicious. Mango lassi to wash it all down. If you're a chile head, ask for Indian spicy. I don't dare.

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        A new place specializing in biryanis has opened in Little India in Cerritos/Artesia. It is called Paradise Biryani Pointe - a bit of a strange name. See
        Originated from New Jersey, but now spreading to other locations.
        I have been there thrice, and had take out food once. The biryanis are good, nice rice texture, and flavorful. My only complaint is that they provide too little protein in them - whether it is the chicken or the goat biryani.
        Their other items are quite good - I have had the Gobi 65 appetizer - unique (as in you don't see it at most generic Indian restaurants), and very tasty - great appetizer to share.
        Goat sukha - dry goat preparation is excellent and goes well with the Indian beers.
        Paneer tikka masala, bagara baingan were both good, though I don't like the somewhat muddy and gritty texture of the Hyderabadi preparation of bagara baingan, or the mirch ka salaan.
        I have had the chicken tikka masala, and since this is a generic British invention, not a favorite of mine - but that first visit we ordered it to accommodate a non-Indian diner in our group. It was quite good.
        Both the chicken dum biryani, and the goat dum biryani are good, and would have been excellent if they gave a few more pieces of the meat in it.
        Overall it has become one of our favorite Indian restaurants in Little India.

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          obv a rip from the original Paradise Biryani in Hyderabad. Taking a quick look at the pictures, this looks very similar to the stuff I got in Hyderabad.

          However, 2*'s on yelp scares the hell out of me.

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            Yeah I've been making trips to little India recently and overall I've been disappointed. The yelp reviews (which seemed more trustworthy than usual) were so unfavorable of this place I didn't go.

            That place that used to be called Shan had TERRIBLE biryani. Not a dum biryani. No flavor.

            Pickles did a good Hyderabadi style biryani. I prefer Pakistani style but that place did a nice biryani.

            I'll give biryani pointe a try. We'll see.

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              Pickles used to be our favorite Indian restaurant, but last time we were there, we kept on telling them to tone down the heat - and I can usually handle a lot of heat, coming from Bengal - but what they offered us was mouth searingly hot. For a large group that included children, it was unpardonable.

              Shaan is a Pakistani restaurant, and for my personal taste, very greasy food.

              Paradise Biryani is not greasy at all. I see the terrible Yelp reviews, but our group of Indians have all liked the food there. Two of them were visiting from Calcutta, and even they liked the food. As I said, in 4 tastings, the first time was a take-out, we always liked the food.

              If you want to try some variety, then get some of the fish made in the Bangladeshi restaurant cum store called Little Dhaka. It is in the mall across Pioneer Blvd. from Paradise Biryani.

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                re: pakistani style

                Zam Zam Market in LA does a great pakistani style Biryani. I think I'll wait until I go back to Hyderabad at this point to get Hyderabad style...

                re: little india

                I was disappointed my first time but last time I went, I dropped by Surati Farsan Mart. Everything looked AMAZING and I could not wait to go back for some dosas.


          2. re: BrewNChow

            This is from a very basic "I like Indian food" perspective. As I've mentioned previously my Indian cuisine palate is not advanced at all

            Personally, I'd go with suvro's rec if you're willing to drive :)

        2. I haven't surveyed most Indian places here, but I like India Cook House. Their lunch buffet is awesome, and usually has more diversity than the standard chicken tikka masala.

          At $8.95 per person, it's a steal.

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              1. For the prices they charge, Royal Khyber is overrated, especially if you want seafood. All of which is frozen. We expected alot better given the hype of Royal Khyber but its quite average, gussied-up Indian fare that costs too much. Someone let me know if they find something on par with San Francisco's many excellent high-value options.