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Mar 17, 2013 12:09 AM

Saveur magazine iPad app constantly crashes

Anyone else having endless problems with the Saveur iPad app? I've had to completely reinstall 4 times so far. I use it for a few days then it just starts crashing at the splash screen each time I launch it. I have an up to date OS, I updated the app and even restarted the iPad but nothing helps. I love the magazine, but if I can't read the issues I subscribed to, it's a complete waste of money. Any tricks to make it work?
If not, I'll switch back to Zinio to read this one.
I have BBC Good Food on the iPad and love it, so I know digital cooking magazines can work...

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  1. I have also found the Saveur app to be problematic that way. I have plenty of other newstand apps, but only that one is so tempermental. Any fixes I have tried have, if they worked at all, done so only temporarily. As I right this, it is once again in crash mode.

    1. I received a response to my complaint from the app company - they are aware of the issue and recommend that users do not download more than 2 or 3 issues at the same time.
      I appreciate the quick response from them and the workaround, but I still consider this terrible app design and performance.
      I guess this also helps explain why they don't support bookmarking of recipes like other cooking magazine apps do...

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        That's not much of a workaround for me! I've never tried to download more than an issue at a time and it still doesn't work. It's absolutely ridiculous that they have allowed this problem to go on for so long, without an update that fixes it!