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Mar 16, 2013 09:05 PM

Bangalore, staying in Whitefields

Hello all,

My name is Justin and I am an extremely active poster on the UK/Ireland board (as well as the Outer Boroughs board from time to time as I'm originally from the US.)

I am in Bangalore on training for work over the next two weeks and I need some reasonably priced places that I can realistically get to. My budget is not extravagant at all, I will eat anything and I will go anywhere. I know South Asian food quite well and I am particularly after a good casual Keralan eatery. Otherwise I am open to suggestions.

To reiterate, I will go anywhere and I do not care at all about the appearance of the restaurant. I just want excellent food at the lowest possible prices. If you read my posting history you'll find that I have been writing about South Asian food on here since about 2007 so I am pretty serious about this stuff.

Thanks all!


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  1. Hi Justin - the India/South Asia board is *very* quiet. The best thread on Bangalore is by vanderb:

    One must-not-miss spot for you in Bangalore has to be Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR), the legendary Udupi-style eatery which *every* South Indian visitor to Bangalore will inadvertently eat at - seating is at a communal table and you get served copious amounts of an amazing array of dishes which you'll eat with your hands.

    My personal fave dining spot in Bangalore will always be Karavalli for its Keralan cuisine:

    Dakshin at the ITC Windsor Manor is another eye-opener - South Indian cuisine deluxe!

    BTW, I'll be in London next month and hope to catch up with you then - Lahori Nihari beckons!

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      Thanks Klyeoh, I hadn't replied because my thread had not been focused on reasonably priced (I spent too much time at high end/expat eateries) and we tended to make South Indian at home as my wife took local cooking lessons while we lived in Bangalore.

      I hope my reviews may be of some assistance.

      1. re: klyeoh

        MTR has declined. You can do way better.

      2. This may reach you too late, but just in case: for modest Keralan, I'm fond of several of the cluster of 7 (!) Keralan places near the gate of MS Ramiah hospital in Mathikere. The best is Shine Fast Food (Christian, all nonveg), but it's a one woman show, and she can be a little unpredictable. Dinner only. My favorite of the remainder is Calicut, though Biriyani Paradise and Thalassery have their partisans.

        On Church street, there's Coconut Grove, a very nice slightly fancier (maybe 2-300 Rs / person) Keralan place on the north side of the street. Don't confuse it with the bar downstairs.

        I don't know anything around Whitefield, though.