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Mar 16, 2013 07:22 PM


my daughter will be in college for the next 3 years in this area and would love to know if there are any restaurant recommendations in or around eagle rock. it would be nice not to always trek to L.A. for delicious food. have had many meals in pasadena. can't say any have been outstanding. we love all types of dining as long as food is super fresh!

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    also oinkster (fast food, owned by the same folks
    a small chain of salad and kebab places has a location in er (terrible name, good, fresh and affordable food
    everyone loves auntie em's
    another good spot (technically in pasadena, but steps from er
    and next door, for take out:

    that should get you started00welcome to college! (i'm guessing she must be an oxy girl?)

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    1. Senor Fish. Excellent fish tacos. Yum!

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        The one on Eagle Rock Blvd. is a very fun place to be, with a shrub-shrouded wood deck surrounding a tree, wired with fake-but-realistic bird sounds. Lovely place to kill half an afternoon. However, the tacos are just barely better than okay, in my experience. The one in South Pas at Mission and Grand, on the other hand, has all the atmosphere of a small-town bus station, or perhaps a large broom closet, but the tacos I've had there are sublime. It's been a while, though, so I'd probably better update my research …

      2. I really like Huarache Azteca, on York Blvd., just steps away from Occidential College.

        CaCao is also very good for Mexican, north of the college on Colorado Bvld.

        On the other side of Hwy 2 is Polka, which is also quite good.

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          Cacao is great. I need to journey up there soon to go again.

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            I like CaCao but I find sometimes the chef a little heavy handed with the salt shaker. But I die for their stuffed squash blossoms.

          2. i like the seafood mixta at my taco on york a few blocks east of figueroa in highland park.