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my daughter will be in college for the next 3 years in this area and would love to know if there are any restaurant recommendations in or around eagle rock. it would be nice not to always trek to L.A. for delicious food. have had many meals in pasadena. can't say any have been outstanding. we love all types of dining as long as food is super fresh!

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  1. www.maximilianohp.com
    also oinkster (fast food, owned by the same folks
    a small chain of salad and kebab places has a location in er (terrible name, good, fresh and affordable food
    everyone loves auntie em's
    another good spot (technically in pasadena, but steps from er
    and next door, for take out:

    that should get you started00welcome to college! (i'm guessing she must be an oxy girl?)

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    1. Senor Fish. Excellent fish tacos. Yum!

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        The one on Eagle Rock Blvd. is a very fun place to be, with a shrub-shrouded wood deck surrounding a tree, wired with fake-but-realistic bird sounds. Lovely place to kill half an afternoon. However, the tacos are just barely better than okay, in my experience. The one in South Pas at Mission and Grand, on the other hand, has all the atmosphere of a small-town bus station, or perhaps a large broom closet, but the tacos I've had there are sublime. It's been a while, though, so I'd probably better update my research …

      2. I really like Huarache Azteca, on York Blvd., just steps away from Occidential College.

        CaCao is also very good for Mexican, north of the college on Colorado Bvld.

        On the other side of Hwy 2 is Polka, which is also quite good.

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          Cacao is great. I need to journey up there soon to go again.

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            I like CaCao but I find sometimes the chef a little heavy handed with the salt shaker. But I die for their stuffed squash blossoms.

          2. i like the seafood mixta at my taco on york a few blocks east of figueroa in highland park.

              1. Fusion Burgers has delicious burgers. Just east of eagle rock in Highland park, 5933 York Boulevard.

                1. I second Huarache Azteca, the super huarache with red, white, and green sauce is incredible.

                  Also, give Good Girl Dinette a try. "Vietnamese comfort food" according to the owner--good bahn mi, fantastic fries. Good spring rolls. Very fun vibe.

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                    LOVE Good Girl Dinette. Those fries. Those fries!

                  2. I've had two people recommend Mariscos Sinaloa.

                    1. Scoops is now on York.

                      Bad news - closed on Sundays.

                      Good news - the same amazing ice cream from Heliotrope. A great afternoon treat!

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                        I really wish I hadn't learned that particular fact!

                        In Eagle Rock proper:

                        Second the recs for Cacao, Oinkster, Lemongrass
                        Casabianca Pizza gets mixed reviews but we love it - the fried eggplant pizza is great and they make their sausage in house
                        Eagle Rock Italian Bakery has pretty good sandwiches and Italian pastries
                        Cafe Beaujolais used to be good - haven't been in years
                        Colombo's - an OLD school steak house - live piano, moscow mules, iceberg wedge salads, red sauce pasta dishes. very fun and the food is pretty good.

                        Highland Park (ER Adjacent) - second recs for Good Girl Dinette, Maximiliano HP, El Huarache Azteca. A nice little sandwich and salad place for lunch is Schodorf's Luncheonette on York.

                        Pasadena/South Pas: A/K/A Bistro in Old Pasadena is really quite good, and I've found Cafe Santorini to be reliable upscale Mediterranean. The Yucatecan food at El Portal is very good, and I've heard great things about Abricott on Lake, though I haven't tried it. Cafe 140 South is another Pasadena fallback for us.

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                          The last time we went to Cafe Beaujolais it was a few months before Pa-in-law died, and he insisted we give it one more try. The wait was almost an hour, we had to beg for chairs for him and Maman, and the room was dominated by a table full of twentysomething women who could not talk under a screech. Service was perfunctory, as was the cooking; the bill, on the other hand, was serious.

                          Glad to see the Colombo's rec. Not cheap but reasonable for what you get, though they will ding you for everything but tap water. Worth it, though. Friendly room and excellent old-style cooking, with enough modernizing where it's called for. Great drinks, for those of appropriate age.

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                            Too bad about Cafe Beaujolais. Bistro de la Gare in South Pas has been pretty solid in the same vein, and I think it's related ...

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                              the folks who left CB started BdlG

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                                I think they've sold it … but the last time we were in there is the last time we WILL be in there, as there were at least three tables of people shrieking there, too. Is it an epidemic???

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                                  it's been my experience that unless you're fortunate to be seated in the small room, CB has always been loud.

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                          finally went to Scoops yesterday and all I can say is YUM. Had strawberry and toffee crumble ice cream. Perfect balance of flavours, not too sweet. Perfect

                        3. Pasadena has gotten pretty decent in recent years:

                          Sushi Ichi, sushi
                          Kimagure, omakase
                          Settebello, great Neapolitan pizza
                          Carmela, ice cream
                          Mother Moo, ice cream


                          Slaw Dogs for novelty hot dogs
                          Bulgarini, gelato

                          Also, Ipsedixit has just posted the definitive list of what's great in Pasadena and the surrounding area.

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                            We've been loving abricott on South Lake. There's been some disagreement with that, but everything we've had has been excellent except for Mrs. O's vegetarian pho. She says she should've known better. It was okay, just … well, you can imagine. Bland. But the Vietnamese sizzling breakfast eggs are a kick in the head, and I adore the burgers. And it's pretty cheap.

                            1. re: Will Owen

                              What are your wife's favorites at Abricott, Will? My SO isn't finding a lot that appeals to him, as a vegetarian, on their online menu.

                              1. re: ElsieDee

                                The trick is to find a dish he likes and ask about a veggie version. Any of the salads or other vegetable dishes with meat or fish can be prepared without, and all Mrs. O has tried, except for that pho, have been delightful. We've not had to arrange anything in advance; we just look at the menu, she picks an item and asks for it without the fish, the chicken or whatever, and they say "No problem!" and do it, very nicely.

                                1. re: Will Owen

                                  Ah, then that is the way we'll go, Will. Thank you!

                          2. Oinkster is a great pastrami place on colorado blvd

                            1. -Maximiliano's in HP is amazing for pasta & Italian Apps. Their pizza isn't my Fav.
                              -Best Pizza in the area IMHO is Brownstone
                              -Great sandwiches at Dave's Chillin & Grillin
                              -Good Italian subs at Eagle Rock Italian Bakery, also a great source for pizza dough, fresh bread, fresh italian cookies & cakes, homemade pasta sauce & pesto and other italian goods.
                              -Great Pastrami & pulled pork at Oinkster
                              -Colombo's for an amazing burger, calamari, panzella salad along with stiff drinks and an old school vibe.
                              -Lemonongrass for good (not great but if you crave it) Pho & spring rolls
                              -Four Cafe for fresh salads. their sandwiches have never impressed me as much, though that short rib grilled cheese they have right now is pretty good.
                              -Senor fish for Scallop taco or Burritos (big scallops fried in batter YUM) and good ceviche, Gauc & MENUDO (served every day)
                              -The Bucket- Big yummy messy burgers- get them with the Garlic Julio sauce.
                              -Colorado Wine Co- Great little wine bar with beer on tap (they rotate a lot so there is always something different). Rotating food trucks on Fri night and yummy cheese on Sunday afternoon.

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                                  I love their cupcakes but I have to say every time we eat there I am just so so on their food.