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Mar 16, 2013 06:57 PM

April in Barcelona - Tapas

So disappointed to find on this forum that Inopia is closed. Where is the best place in Barcelona for tapas now? Heading there in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I reckon you are looking for a one-stop, sit down, tapas restaurant?

    If you want the best in town, I would guess that many would say that's Tickets, but since you don't already have a reservation, you can forget about that.

    My first pick for such a place would be Tapas24 with El Vaso de Oro and Paco Meralgo coming in second and third.

    A lot of people like Cerveceria Catalana which I always find pretty surprising.

    EDIT: Although it's more of a restaurant than a tapas place, you may also want to consider Cal Pep.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      Hey, thanks! That gives us a few options. We are also thinking of checking out Rafas in Roses (if it's still open!). Very much looking forward to the trip.

    2. Why not head to the same address? I really enjoy Lolita Taperia, which is in the space once occupied by Inopia. Joan Martinez was with Inopia and now has Lolita. Several Inopia classics are on the menu and much more. I've been four or five times and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere each time.

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      1. re: debbiel

        Thanks for that tip. I've seen the space on a food show and am glad to hear it is open and familiar. We will definitely go there!

      2. Curiously while reading the Spain Chowhound I noticed your post and recognized the name as one who posts on the Houston board so I thought Iā€™d reply. We were in Barcelona two weeks ago. Our favorites were ā€“ Catalana Cerveseria (get the vieiras al graten), Paco Meralgo (a great rabbit tapas) and Cala del Vermut (one we went to with Barcelona Taste tapas tour which, by the way, was very fun). Also calcots are/were in season and if available are great. While Barcelona was great for tapas, in our opinion Seville was above and beyond ā€“ very cutting edge. Have fun.

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        1. re: specktaker

          Hey thanks! I love all these ideas. Our first trip to Spain, one long anticipated (years). Eagerly looking forward to different seafood. Pulpo is a DH favorite and we are always looking for new and fun things.

        2. If I may ask one more question? We will be celebrating the significant achievement of living until a certain middle age while there. What is the best restaurant in Barcelona, in your opinion? Price and cuisine style is not important, but something special and dressy casual and memorable. Thanks in advance!

          Edit: I know we can't get into Tickets, but our tastes run more to simply prepared foods rather than El Bulli style food. Thanks!

          1. We ended up having the birthday meal at Casa Leopoldo on San Rafael off Hospital near the Boqueria Market. They put together a grilled seafood platter that was delicious. We had tapas one evening at a place near our hotel and will be looking for more today. What a fantastic city!