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Mar 16, 2013 05:32 PM

MKE- pacific produce opening a north side location

The empty grocery at West Hampton and West Appleton.
Not that far away from Rhino.

Kind of disappointing. This means less chance of getting a Super H in the area.

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  1. So does this mean that they will be closing Viet Hoa on 49th & North and have this as their only northside operation or will they operate with 3 stores in town?

    Yeah...Super H looks like less and less of a reality as time passes at first glance. Though the bright side to all of this is that if the pacific/viet people think the area can support a large presence on the northside along with the expansion of the Asian Mall on 76th, that may just signal to the Super H folks that maybe there is enough of a customer base to support a store in the area.

    Heck I'd settle for a Super H in the Fox valley somewhere. That would be worlds easier to get to versus the northside of Chicago.

    Plus look at it this way: The neighborhood of the new location isn't bad at all, relatively speaking for Milwaukee.
    Having Viet Hoa on the same short block as the 3rd district MPD station makes it attractive to shop there. You know you won't get messed with. If that wasn't the case, I wouldn't be crazy about going there.

    Overall I see it as good news.

    Edit to add that Pacific has had its fair share of issues with the City of Greenfield. In searching it looks like they will remain open through June until their current license expires. After that if they aren't in total compliance Greenfield won't renew the license.

    That should raise a red flag for Milwaukee and send a huge signal to Super H that if pacific/viet can't manage to stay open because of food safety violations: it opens a huge hole in the market that can readily be filled.

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    1. re: MilwaukeeNate

      There was a well known supermarket analyst that mentioned on a finance board that Super H was looking at the Cermak location but Cermak got the lease.

      I have had no issues with the Viet Hoa location, but do not go there any more due to a very bad shopping experience.

      I take my elderly neighbor to Pacific once in a while for fish. She likes them over other places. I was unaware of Pacific in trouble with Greenfield - after the amount to time (very lengthy) between the announcement and grand opening, this is disappointing.

      1. re: MilwaukeeNate

        I did not know that Pacific Produce and Viet Hoa were associated. I am quite the fan of PP but gave up on Viet Hoa a few years ago. Filthy, smelly, a large stock of goods that have been expired for months and buddha help you if you go in there and accidentally ask for a Japanese item.

        I do hope Viet Hoa remains open though. It would be a shame if they closed and transferred all of those incompetent and rude employees over to the new Pacific Produce.

        1. re: Fowler

          <I did not know that Pacific Produce and Viet Hoa were associated. >

          I was surprised when I found that out too. I find it hard to believe given the stark differences between the two stores.
          But, I've read it from a couple of sources that are more informed on the topic that I am.

          I do shop Viet Hoa because it is a quicker trip to make than Pacific. Though, I stick to bottled and packaged foods and always make sure to check the dates on them.

      2. Thank you for posting this information. I am not familiar with that intersection. It that out by the airport but east of HWY 45 and south of West Silver Spring? Have you seen the building? If so, how large is it? One of the things I like about the southern Pacific Produce is that it is huge.

        Hopefully Super H will still keep the metro Milwaukee area on their radar as a potential new location.

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        1. re: Fowler

          Your sense of direction is pretty accurate. Hampton IS south of Silver Spring, and Appleton is east of 45, but further east that you think. Timmerman field is at 91st & Hampton. The location is around 25 blocks further east from the airport.

          1. re: Fowler

            It is a fairly large building. There was a grocery store and a bank in the building for a while.

          2. According to this article (scroll down):

            The market should be opening soon.

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            1. re: marcreichman

              I went in yesterday. They still have a way to go to set up the fish dept. more of a "general" grocery than their other location. Still, if you are nearby, it is worth a look. I picked up a couple packages of clam meat, veal tongue and veal kidneys. A small gadget isle. One of the larger tanks had dead fish floating. There was a banner for an all you could eat buffet, but nothing was there when I went in early.

              1. re: exvaxman

                Currently their entire fish and seafood section has been shut down by the City. They can't sell any of the seafood items.

                1. re: oofda

                  Health inspection problems like Greenfield and Viet Hoa?

                  1. re: exvaxman

                    I was there this morning, many of the live tanks were drained, the two huge tanks I had questions on with dead fish had been cleaned and looked ready to receive fish. The counters with non-live fish were being set up and looked good. For noodle/ramen selection the Greenfield location is better.

                    I still want an H-mart in the area. Or an Assi.

            2. Just an observation...just West of Hwy 100 on National Ave, there is a small strip mall that Margarita Paradise was in, I noticed a sign that says it is going to be an Asian Market Mall. There is a Chinese restaurant, Big Apple and I think a very small Asian market. Does anyone know what else may be going in there?

              1. Never going in again outside for fuji apples and packaged food.
                Meat bought went bad in less than a day, some seafood was "not good" and had me in the bathroom for a couple of days. YMMV. Rhino just east of there is back to my goto for close things. The mall at 76th and Mill is also good, haven't gotten anything bad from there.

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                1. re: exvaxman

                  I can could have told you to stay away from Pacific Produce, many health code violations. Rhino is fine, so is the market on 76th and Mill as well as Chu Hai on Appleton. Signed your health inspector.