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Mar 16, 2013 04:42 PM

Restaurant suggestions for Provence (Gorde and surrounding areas) fur 6/13 trip

Hi everyone,

Any suggestions for restaurants near or about Gorde and the surrounding villages for a week stay with my family (including children) in June 2013? We have been there before and will probably cook a bunch but would love some suggestions.

Thank you in advance,

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  1. Our favorites are the following:
    La Ferme de la Huppe (Gordes)
    La Bartavelle (Goult)
    L'Auberge des Carrières (les Taillades)
    La Petite Cave (Saignon)
    L'Arôme & le Fournil (Bonnieux)
    For a simple lunch (Provençal pizza), la Flambée in Bonnieux is great if you're in the area. Be sure to sit upstairs on the terrace.

    1. I totally agree with boredough's list. We stayed in Bonnieux in September. We especially liked La Bartavalle, Le Fournil and Le Petit Cave. How old are your children? I don't know if I would enjoy La Bartavalle or Le Petite Cave as much with small children.
      We didn't make it to La Flambé, but every time we went by it was full of people and looked like a great spot.
      I keep intending on doing a trip report. I did one on Fodor's Forum under the name "chutney". One of the most memorable things we did was to rent "sunbikes". They have solar powered battery packs and allow you to tour around the entire area without much effort. We rode these bikes up to Gordes, Rousillon, La Coste and Menerbes. It would be a great family activity.

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        Good point about accommodating children, which I had only given minimal thought (sorry!) However the French are very kid-friendly, at least towards well-behaved ones in restaurants. I suggest OP check with la Bartavelle & La Petite Cave as to what kind of menu/dishes they offer children (la PC has English staff/chef; I also think la B has English speaker/s)...
        On the other hand, L'Arôme, Aub des Carrières & Le Fournil offer à la carte pricing along with their prix fixe menus, so the OP should be able to find something for the children. Ferme de la Huppe has a children's menu (which might mean no choice, but still....)