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Mar 16, 2013 04:32 PM

Singapore in 5 meals?

I'm from the Netherlands, love excellent Singapore food. Lived there in 1995 and have ocasionally been back over the years, last time in 2010. Read all topics but can't find an answer on the following search for pleasant setting, but not Michelin style restaurants:
Next week, I will take a female colleague for dinner. Ideally an Indochine setting (outside, not too formal) but then with good food. The next night I'm with a young male colleague and we are looking for more happening places, but still with good food. 13 years ago I liked a Laotian or Vietnamese place in Club Street to gave you an idea.The last night I don't really care what ambiance as long as the food is really good. Food must be Asian. 3 years ago I tried Lau Pa Sat but found that mediocre. Hotel is Park Royal Pickering, so I have Hong Lim HC pencilled in for lunch.
I would appreciate your input!

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  1. Apologies, I forgot the fifth meal will probably be lunch at New Woodlands, is that still good?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Not sure if you have already come and gone. But if you like vietnamese, Long Phung on Joo Chiat Road is one of my favorites. It's usually packed, with lines of Vietnamese. Afterwards, you can hit some of the bars on Joo Chiat; interesting area...For decent Thai food, head to the Golden Mile Complex. It's where all the Thais go to eat, shop, etc. There is a restaurant on the first floor, next to the escalator and next to the bathrooms (always forget the name) which has decent Thai. It's not as great as Thai food in Thailand but it's better than other Thai restaurants in Singapore. Many foreigners and locals seem to love Din Tai Fung or Crystal Jade for Chinese food. If you like xiao long baos, Din Tai Fung's are always consistent and tasty. Both of these are chains, littered throughout Singapore and other Asian cities. For good Indian, head to Little India. There are plenty, just make sure it's overflying with Indians and not the tourists.

      My regular go to favorites, which are not really Asian per se, are Esquina or Lolla for tasty tapas and cozy atmosphere, Saveur for their cold pasta dish, and bistro du sommelier for their meats, terrines and foie gras, which you can probably get often and easily in the Netherlands. Hope you have a good eating trip in Singapore.

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        Thanks lecker,

        Unfortunately I am back already. Haven't been to any of your places. Next time I will surely check out Joo Chiat. For people that are looking for a slighty upmarket experience in a friendly setting, I can highly recommend Jumbo at the East Coast. Great food, great atmosphere. Madras New Woodlands was still good, its thali and dosai are extremely good value for brunch. Maxwell Food Centre I found to have better quality stalls and even better atmosphere on a Saturday night than Lau Pa Sat.