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Mar 16, 2013 04:26 PM

Best soft tacos?

I just got back from Texas - am craving soft tacos after having delicious ones out of a truck in Houston. Any recommendations?

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  1. Los Taquitos de Puebla on 9th between Federal and Ellsworth.
    Los Gallos on 10th and Wolf Sts.

      1. My favorites depend on what kind of taco you're after.

        For carnitas tacos, and the best salsas, Veracruzana
        For chorizo tacos, El Jarocho (the quality here varies a lot)
        For chicken tacos, Los Gallos
        For queso tacos, La Lupe

        La Lupe is also the only place that makes their own tortillas. There's also a fresh tortilla press in town, Tortilliera San Roman on the Italian Market at 9th and Carpenter. If you want to make your own tacos at home, having great fresh tortillas really elevates them.

        I haven't been to Los Taquitos de Puebla in a long time thanks to a few bad meals in a row there but I'll give it another shot one of these days. I used to love their tacos al pastor and longanizas tacos.

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        1. re: Buckethead

          La Lupe has been closed for a while but the owners still have their other place (I think it's called Fiesta Acapulco?) a few blocks north on 9th. Don't know if they are still making their own tortillas, but I have to admit that we became less and less enchanted with them (as a restaurant and personally) as time went on.

          1. re: Philly Ray

            I thought La Lupe moved, not closed? I haven't been in a while.

            1. re: Buckethead

              I don't know if the other place stayed as Fiesta Acapulco or if they brought the La Lupe name with them.

        2. In a more pub-type atmosphere, Loco Pez in Fishtown makes really good tacos. Despite the gringo atmosphere the tacos are traditional Mexican style.

          It is worth asking, are you looking for traditional Mexican-style tacos with corn tortilla, and usually just served with onions, cilantro and lime (no cheese etc) or Tex-Mex style on flour tortilla and lettuce, cheese, sour cream? I don't know how they come in Houston usually but I know in many parts of Texas and the Southwest the tacos are usually on flour tortilla.

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            And it may not be Tex Mex style but the Fish Tacos at Honest Tom's in University City/West Philadelphiaare worth trying...

          2. Thanks for all the helpful replies!

            I hadn't really explored the taco scene much in Philly, though it does now occur to me that I had a good soft taco at the Headhouse Market last summer, and I'm now told that was Los Taquitos de Puebla. ( I realize also I did eat at their restaurant a few years ago, can't remember what I got, but it was good.)

            I do especially like soft corn tortillas. The really great tortillas I got at the truck in Houston (outside the West Alabama Ice House, in case anyone goes to Houston) were called al pastor, which I thought is generally pork, but we all swore they were beef. Maybe they just had a dark sauce on them. They had nothing but onion, cilantro and lime, and some sauces on the side which I didn't use. (So yes, I think it is the traditional Mexican tacos I am looking for, barryg, not Tex-Mex.) In Austin, I also had some al pastor soft tacos, which, while very good, did not compare, and they were definitely pork with fresh pineapple.

            I did buy a little taco cookbook in San Antonio before coming home because I figured I might have to try making my own. And I've already made a stop at the Tortilliera on 9th Street. But I suspect that your suggestions here will be better than my efforts.

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            1. re: Hansel

              If you're ever on Phila Pike right on the edge between PA and Delaware (30 min or so south of Washington Ave), try Las Aureas. They make great soft tacos. I especially love thier Al Pastor. Definitely pork!

              1. re: Hansel

                Taco Suave in Warminster has the best al pastor tacos I have had outside of southern California. It is very authentic Mexican food. Almost everything they make is really good. I will say, however, don't go there if you are in a hurry. One person does front of house and one other person cooks, so they get behind pretty easily. If you can be patient, it is well worth the wait.