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Why is my liver falling apart?

Liver used to be firm. Now when I pick it up it falls apart. What's going on?

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    1. What type of liver? Hopefully this is not a self-inspection.

      1. Do you mean raw or cooked? Maybe it has been sliced very thin (to sell more.)

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        1. re: blue room

          It's raw. It falls apart when I pull it out of the pack.

          1. re: marymac

            Chicken? Beef? Calf? Lamb? Turkey? Pig? Trigger fish?
            What kind of liver?

              1. re: hill food

                It was beef liver. It was frozen when I bought it. So many people don't like liver so it was probably old.

        2. You either overcooked, or bought old liver.

          1. I see that some times straight out of the carton.
            Not firm, almost like must! I believe it was frozen & defrosted several times.

            1. Hmm, you may be drinking too much. Try abstaining a couple of days a week at least.



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                Folks, we've been removing many iterations of this joke to try and keep this thread focused on the actual problem that marymac is experiencing, but we're feeling like that may have been a mistake, because it keeps popping back up. We're going to leave this one up, so everyone knows the joke has been made.

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                  Humor gives a poster, thread, and, therefore, forum and website personality. Humor is entertaining and attractive to people. It makes us smile and laugh and that is a good thing - for both us as users and you as a company.

                  You guys may want to consider relaxing a little and let your users post a little more freely rather than filtering everything out that doesn't fit a bureaucratic monotonous tone.

              2. Has this happened once? Or is this a continuing problem? Buy a better/different brand, make pate',...

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                  I don't overcook liver. Brown on one side, flip over and brown on the other. I think it must be old. They used to sell it fresh, now only frozen.