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Mar 16, 2013 03:33 PM

Falls Church Restaurant Week

Is anyone excited about Restaurant Week in Falls Gulch? For that matter, is anyone excited about any Restaurant Week any more? Mostly I eat lunch out, but looking at these "specials" I don't see anything that looks like a bargain other than the couple of blanket 20% off offers.

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  1. The deal at Pizzeria Orso, which is the same as they had during some other Restaurant Week back in January, is a pretty good bargain. At dinner time, you get two apps, two pizzas, and two desserts for $35.13, not per person, but total--which is approximately the cost of two pizzas alone. A party of two will be taking food home from this one.

    I think their lunch deal is $20.13 (again total, not per person) for one pizza, two apps and two desserts. You and a friend can waddle back to your office after that.

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      Many of the offers are for two. I'm too cheap to buy anybody dinner or lunch, and my cheap friends are too cheap to pay their own way. <g>

      The kind of deals I'd look for are things like (in my imagination): Caribbean Plate - Any sandwich $5.00 (regularly $7.25), and don't require that I buy a $2.95 drink in order to get the deal.

      Restaurant Week should be to encourage people to try new places, or try new things in places where they've eaten before, not simply to save a couple of bucks or get more than they'd usually order. For example, that Orso deal is great for people who can eat a pizza, an appetizer, and a dessert, but one of their pizzas is plenty for me. Your mileage and waistline may vary. <g>