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Mar 16, 2013 02:21 PM

Tapas in Madrid for 2 Nights

Hey Guys,
I've been searching through past posts and I see far more recs for restaurants than for tapas bars. We travel to Spain frequently and will have 2 nights to eat tapas in Madrid before heading to Basque Country. I've not tried any of the places in Retiro that someone mentioned but I've bookmarked that post and will try them out. We have enjoyed the energy in Chueca and could use some recs for that area and we are staying at Roommate Mario. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll keep reading through old posts in the meantime.

We'd like to keep this part of the trip pretty traditional in terms of food so the simpler the better.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. Some suggestions in Chueca:

    Bodega de La Ardosa on Calle Colón 13. Specialized in tortilla, anchovies and salmorejo.

    El Cisne Azul on Calle Gravina 19. Specialized in wild mushroom.

    Olé Lola on Calle San Mateo 28. Its baroque decor worth a visit.

    Stop Madrid on Calle Hortaleza 11. Wine bar, not only wine from Rioja and Ribera de Duero but also the lesser-known wine of Madrid.

    Revoltosa on Plaza del Rey 4

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      Thank you! These are all helpful!

    2. Hi Jeremy,

      A great traditional spot on the far side of the Retiro is bar La Castela. Eat raciones at the bar, or sit down for something a little more elaborate. If you decided to go more modern, just around the corner is Arzabal.

      In Chueca, get a vermouth at old Taberna Angel Sierra, and then head for tapas in tile-lined El Bocaito (eat at the bar with the locals, not in the dining room).

      A more modern but very reasonably priced (and still simple) places is Momo (a restaurant on the same street as Bocaito - Calle Libertad). They do a good fixed price dinner (a trend that is growing in Madrid, when previously only lunch was fixed price).

      Good luck and have fun in Madrid.


      1. A quick thank you to you guys. We had a spectacular trip and I enjoyed eating in Madrid more than I ever have before. We hit many of your recs and Bocaito on our last night was one of the best tapas meals of my life.. SUCH good cooking and great ingredients. Bodega de La Ardosa was our first stop right from the airport and was exactly the energy we were looking for.
        Thanks again and let me know if you ever need NYC recs!