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Mar 16, 2013 01:50 PM

How to cut cow feet?

How do you cut beef feet? I got a whole bunch of cow feet, but how do you cut them? Can I chop them with a big ax? Can I just crush them with a big hammer and cook them in soup?

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  1. You ask your butcher in advance to use their band saw, which is what you need. Sorry.

    1. I buy my feet already cut. Butchers have power saws that do this easily.

      What size of pieces do you need? If they fit in your pot it may be easier to break them up after cooking.

      1. ooh
        I want some

        bring them some place to cut them in half

        make a jewish dish called petcha u might like it-
        some ppl eat petcha hot like soup but I prefer to eat it cold and jellied