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Mar 16, 2013 01:26 PM

Edo's Japanese Steakhouse in Port Chester has a tasty new small plates menu and sushi, as well as an all you can eat menu.

Besides their teppanyaki/hibachi in the main dining room, Edo's Japanese Steakhouse in their Port Chester location now has an additional menu of small plates of food and sashimi/sushi a 'la carte. They can be ordered in the main room, or in the bar/sushi bar.The small plates that I tried were very good, at very reasonable prices, and generous servings. The sashimi/sushi was very fresh and well made. The small dishes were five different types of salads containing shrimp, chicken, or calamari. Miso and chicken broth soups. Assorted dumplings, shumai, and gyoza. Steamed veggies and veg. tempura. Ten seafood dishes, the soft shell crab tempura was very simple, and nicely done. Seven meat and poultry dishes. And five rice and noodle dishes.

They also have in their bar a $23 all you can eat sushi and cooked foods deal every day except Saturday. Everything made to order. I was there last night and had sushi, dumplings and shumai, soups, chicken kaarage, tempura, veggies, and assorted meats on skewers with a variety of sauces like teriyaki, chimmichurri, soy lemon butter, and ginger hoisin. Basically the all you can eat menu has much of what is on the a 'la carte small plates menu, just sometimes in smaller portions.

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  1. They are also going to upgrade their cocktails over the next few months to quality tiki and other drinks made with fresh squeezed juices, house made syrups and tinctures, and premium quality spirits and bitters.

    1. do you know how much their hibachi menu is?

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        On average the Hibachi dinner runs $16-21 for the chicken, salmon, shrimp, or scallops and various cuts of steak. Combos run $21-24 on average. Lobster either twin, or steak & lobster combo takes it up a notch to $29. Hibachi dinner also includes soup, salad, shrimp app, veggies, steamed rice, and ice cream. The average cost per person before tax and tip is around $23.

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          Thanks. Couldn't get reservations at Edo last week (graduation season) so we went to the place in White Plains near the DMV (I forget the name!), and it's basically what you would expect to get from a Hibachi place. Food was ok. Portions pretty big so there were some leftovers. Chef demonstration was predictable (onion volcano, etc). Would never go back on my own .... but the kids liked it, and it served its purpose.