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Mar 16, 2013 01:03 PM

Where can I buy fresh fruit in bulk?

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh fruit in bulk in Montreal? I'm going to start making jams again soon but in bigger quantities and wondering if I can get fruit somewhere cheaper than at the markets and supermarkets? Particularly looking for berries. I would really like to continue using local produce as much as possible. Can anybody recommend some local producers that might sell in bulk? Thanks

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  1. Can you wait a few months? Obviously if you want local you'll have no choice. Tons of berries will be available at Jean Talon market early in the summer, I'm sure you could negotiate for large volumes, especially if you need it for jams you could buy their extra ripe leftovers that are not on display.

    1. samifruit. just tell a worker what you want and they'll get it for you

      1. That's an interesting question about the word fresh. How fresh are the goods at sami fruit and other retailers ? My best bet is to buy local fruits.

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          have fun finding local berries in march

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            Thanks everyone for your help. I should have been more specific - I'm not looking to make jam now - March is definitely not the time to be looking for berries! Just trying to plan ahead for summer. OK I think I'll try talking to some of the vendors at the market to get a better deal. Thanks for the suggestions.

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              Do you have access to a car? You could also try one of the many U-pick farms outside the city, especially for strawberries and raspberries:

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                I am looking for a good source of fresh apricots in the season. (I am originally from Western Canada so always had a good source from fruit trucks during the season). I don;t think apricots are grown in this part of North America?

                I love making apricot jam every early August and haven't been able to yet whilst living here. Thanks.