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Mar 16, 2013 12:51 PM

Looking for a good red "celebration" wine, to be enjoyed in 10 years.

My husband and I were married last year, and this year want to buy a spectacular wine to cellar, to enjoy on our 10th anniversary. We like cabernet sauvignon and shiraz, but are open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Great thought, but your timing is off. Any 2012 vintage wine capable of laying down for a decade isn't bottled yet.

    Patience. Ask again in 6-12 months' time.

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      Oh, good to know!! :) Thank you!

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        I like the idea of the purchasing a Cabernet from the vintage of the year of your marriage. 2012 was a spectacular vintage for Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley, and for most red wines in Northern California. Elegance, opulence, finesse -- all those -- from a long, slow ripening season.

    2. Do they have to be 2012's ? You're not going to find "spectacular" 2012 reds to be available for several years.

      If on the other hand you're looking for reasonably priced great red wines available now that will be very drinkable in 10 years, 2010 was a tremendous vintage in CdP and those wines are starting to be released... you can find some values there that make cellaring for 10 years very financially sensible.

      Also consider vintage ports which are great celebratory bottles... the fantastic 2007 vintage is now widely available... look there for a bottle you can get at a reasonable price today and will definitely appreciate in 2022!

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        Hi, I only thought 2012 since that was the year we were married, but 2009/2010 would be fine as well (we met in '09). What would you suggest 09/10? Thanks! :)

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          Well if you met in 2009 then you have all sorts of great choices (and more to come). Use that as your romantic theme here otherwise you're going to be waiting awhile for 2012.

          1) Look for incredible bottles of Red Bordeaux (almost all AOC's), some are on the shelves now and more to come. Buy selectively. The time value of money dictates that 10 years out your wine cost will have doubled even at today's low interest rates. I'm not a huge bordeaux fan but if you want a celebratory bottle, there are some really nice 2009 offerings on the shelf under $200 (Leoville Barton, Lynch Bages, Giscours-Margaux) and the prices climb much higher depending on the estate... just depends on your budget.

          2) Look for awesome Northern Rhones in 2009 to be hitting the shelves...

          3) ... and Great Barolos...

          The "spectacular" wines you ask for in the OP won't be cheap from either the north rhone or barolo but not as pricey as "spectacular" boardeaux... again, just a function of your budget.

          4) Two 2009's that aren't budget stretchers, and are two of my favorites for that year are Sauternes and Vintage Port. There are incredible 2009 Sauternes out now; you can cellar any number of 375ml splits in the $30 to 50 range that will be mind-blowing in ten years.

          5) My hopes are high for the 2009 vintage ports. I see Graham's has released the Malvedos already. Haven't tried the 2009 yet, but it's usually a lovely drink and very reasonably priced considering the quality. In the mid 80's I capped a 4-vintage tasting of Haut Brion off with a pour of Malvedos. I and almost everyone else at the table ended up buying it instead of the Haut Brion :) When the rest of the 2009 VPs come out you;ll have some great pickings...

          So I guess in summary if you're looking for "spectacular" wines to celebrate your meeting in 2009 that can be cellared for 10 years, right now in good-value prices go for the Sauternes and look for the Vintage ports when they come out.

          If price isn't such an object, then you can be picking off some 2009 bordeaux selectively and look to pick up some northern rhones and barolos as those selections widen.

          Of course there's alot of other very good wine from 2009 elsewhere in the world, the above IMO fall into the spectacular and cellar-worthy category you're looking for.

          1. re: TombstoneShadow

            Thanks very much!! :) You've given me a great start! :)

      2. Generally speaking, 2012 was a great year in California and Oregon (probably Washington, too) and the Burgundy area of France but a disaster most other places in Europe. I don't know about Australia and South America.
        Ridge Geyserville and Lytton Springs zinfandels will be drinking nicely in 2022. Also probably in 2032.