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Mar 16, 2013 12:26 PM

One Dinner in San Juan PR

Looking for one dinner suggestion. We are staying at the Ritz and would like to be in Old San Juan preferably so we can wander around there a bit too.

We've decided to eat at BLT the night we arrive since that's easy and in the hotel and have reservations for Marmalade too. This dinner doesn't have to be fancy, and definitely not formal or fussy. I have a $250 allotment for dinner/drinks so that's the price point - really the only requirement is that the food is great!

I'm looking at Parrot Club just because it sounds fun, or maybe La Piccola and then nightlife in the El San Juan lobby? But am open to any and all suggestions, thanks!

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  1. I have heard rave reviews of Marmalade and we are thinking about dining there next week. Can someone advise us of he dress code or suggestion at that restaurant?

    1. My wife and I had dinner at Marmalade on March 18. It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. Interesting chef, originally from Iowa of all places! He has putting together multiple flavors down to a science. An absolutely wonderful meal. Food, with a decent but not expensive bottle of wine, was about $300, inluding tip.

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        We ended up going to Trois Cente Onze, Pikayo and Marmalade. Loved all three, especially 311 and Marmalade. Enjoyed Parrot Club for lunch too. Loved PR - the people there are fabulous! Excellent service everywhere, happy people that seemed really genuine too.