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Mar 16, 2013 11:24 AM

Stone Crabs in the Winter Haven or Orlando area?

Any local/non chain places?

I keep trying to search but my IPhone is only bringing up crab recipes in home cooking...

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  1. uncle charlies reef the best especially crab cakes.

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    1. re: ektchn

      Thanks! Do you have an address?

      Only captain Charlie's comes up and that's in Juno...

    2. Sorry I could not find my file but these two are knockouts.Nothing to look at and you will have a wait.
      But it's worth it. Captain Charlies Reef Grill In Juno Beach
      and Eagle Grill & Oyster Bar in Greenacres,Both the best and freshest at a decent price.Look them up and may be able to get a res

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        Isn't Juno beach something like 2-3 hours from Orlando? A little long of a drive for dinner- at least for us...

      2. Can't help you with restaurants,but just a heads up. It is a very bad season for Stone crabs and they are selling for $80 a lb. Pretty pricy for a lot of work but not much food!! Just saying!

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        1. re: Mother of four

          Well its all to late anyway, we are back home in Boston.

          That said we had a wonderful meal at Big Fin located near Universal. Split about a pound of stone crabs, which were big, meaty and very good, some homemade chips with truffle oil and a couple of salads to start. Mains were salmon Rockefeller, their version of fish stew, a pretty good steak and shrimp scampi. OK , but not great, wines by the glass and some passable but weak mojitos. My martini was perfect. No idea if this is chain or not but we found everything, up until the end to be top notch.

          Dinner ended on a bad note as they seated a table of twenty directly behind us. We were ready for dessert/coffee and it took us forever to get our (up until that point excellent) server. He was clearly overwhelmed by a table that size. We ordered and a half an hour later-nothing. The kids were going down hill (we had been at Legoland ALL day) so we tried to cancel, manager came over to talk us into waiting we said no, just check please. Another 10 to get that and our server was still dealing with the 20 top. Tried to pay the bartender who refused to take our bill. Manager came back, apologized profusely, gave us his card and invited to come back. While a nice gesture we were clearly out of towners.

          Still good meal and great crabs. While they could have handled the big party better I cant really fault them as they did try to take of it. If we every go back to the parks we would eat there again.